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The most awaited event …..Area 6 Chairperson’s meet initiated by BKLC 107 happened on thursday 31st January at Hotel Basil Malleshwaram at 11.30 A.M.
CP’s from Tumkur, Mysore, hosur travelled to bangalore for this most happening party n ofcourse Bangalore CP’s were equally enthusiastic. Plans were made on wats app group taking into account the convienience of all & the date was decided. The theme – Vanity Fair , gorgeous girls with lovely accessories were present on time. The decor was tastefully done with pink, silver n gold nets & all were welcomed by colorful gerbera to adorn their hair. A message board was kept at the entrance for everyone to write their thoughts !!! Interactive fun games were thought of, where in each person had to write a naughty punishment for her neighbour… The punishments ranged from dancing on item songs , seducing your partner to yoga asanas ( details not here please…this is a family blog ….lolzzzz).
CP BKLC 107 Cr. Kripa then had everyone come on to the stage as she asked them….dancing to the tunes of the songs she had specially chosen for them keeping in mind their personality. She then gave them their copy of personalised VANITY FAIR magazine with their picture on the cover page with an adjective to their names along with messages of their circlers on the back which she arranged by calling the secretaries of each circle…Thanks Sexy Secy’s you all rock too!!!! Each one was asked to give their experiences as the CP of their Circle. ACP Cr. Kajol was thanked by everyone as we all are privileged & lucky to have her as our Area 6 Chair person. She on the other hand told we have to be in her shoes to experience the vast expanse of knowledge that she is gaining everyday by being the ACP. It is almost unimaginable n she thanked all to have loved her & supported her all the way.
we cant forget our very own CP Cr. Kripa so messages from 107ers was compiled by secretary Cr. khushboo & presented to kripa 🙂
we had the privilege of having IPP Cr. Aditi along with our glamourous ACP Cr. Kajol, AVC Magical Manasi along with Area Conveners – Area fellowship con. Cr. Pooja, Area proj. Con.Cr. Khushboo, Area publicity con. Cr. Kavita, Area co-ordinator Cr. Soniya..missed Area 6 sec. Cr. Rashmi. The interaction between all the circlers was mind blowing as we all got to know the circlers wee bit more….shall i say the hidden talents in each one surfaced !!!!
We also had boogie woogie practise sessions for each CP & Conveners so that they can lead their circlers for boogie woogie inter circle competition on feb. 16th straight from their mystical heart.
CP MLC 9 Cr. Vanita, CP BNLC 14 Cr. Shweta, CP BLC 19 Cr. Maansi, CP HLC 32 Cr. Jayachitra, CP BCLC 36 Cr. Rachana, CP BMLC 54 Cr. Mamta, National Publicity Con. & CP BSLC 66 Cr. Bhavna, CP MHLC 108Cr. Nishat, CP MHLC 109 Cr. Sangeeta, CP TLC 115 Cr. Savitha, CP BTLC 122 Cr. Shweta were the CP’s Who rocked the afternoon. BKLC 107 was represented by CP Cr. Kripa, Cr. khushboo, Cr. Bhavna & Cr. Vasudha…Thanks team we did it !!!!
As we munched on the yummy snacks & later sumptious lunch there were promises on having more fellowship events like this to increase the bonding. The afternoon ended on a cake cutting to celebrate Cr. Savita’s birthday & Area 6 CP’s……& ofcourse cant forget this one…Cr. Savita got a free choclate facial from all 🙂

Cr.khushboo nagpal
Secretary,BKLC – 107
Area 6 Project Convenor


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Report of 8th meeting HCLC-71

Hi!! Everyone. Please acknowledge the receipt of 8th meeting of HCLC-71. Sorry for the delay in sending the minutes.

luv n luck
Cr. Veena
Secretary, HCLC-71

8th meeting HCLC71.doc

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Project by SMALC 91

Baby Needs……Project by SMALC 91
Donation of
1. 2 cradles
2. Tea boiler
3. Emergency light
4. 12 sweaters
5. 18 feeding bottles
6. 8 baby feeding bowls
7. Ear buds.
Project done at Life Line Trust – home for new born babies! Project worth – 10,325/- sponsored by CP’s friend Kamlesh Agarwal.

Circling straight from my heart
Cr. Archana Gupta

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“friendship n service
straight from my mystical heart”
Cr.khushboo nagpal
BKLC – 107
Area 6 Project Convenor
email i.d. khushboonagpal@yahoo.com
“strength lies within fellowship”

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Wannacome : LC International President Cr Gitte

It was indeed a great privilege and honour that MMLC 4 had a chance to host the LC International President Cr Gitte
I decided to host LC Int President and Tangent club Member Helle at my place. Not very sure of their habits , I yet went ahead and confirmed the same before the NAGM
A little tensed as to how things will work out and if I can accommodate their needs, I went to the NAGM…but after meeting them all my doubts were cleared.. they are soo simple and down to earth that I had absolutely no reservations about my decision
Coming back from Coimbatore , I started preparing for their welcome… They were going to stay at my place for exactly 7 hours , just for a night..and I wanted everything perfect for them
When I went to receive them at the Airport , I instantly felt their warmth and friendliness. After coming back I served them Indian Cuisine for dinner which they thought was delicious and kept asking me for their names and how it was prepared.
Then till late in the night Cr Gitte , Helle ,my husband Suraj and me were chatting away and they were sharing their experiences of their trip to India.
Finally, the next morning it was time to bid Adieu, and they made me promise that someday I will give them a chance to return this hospitality.
Thanks to this Ladies Circle Movement that now I have made new friends somewhere across the globe and will definitely fulfill the promise and then remember this day with fond memories.

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Rachita & Trupti Sayani

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Republic Day Fellowship !!

Joint Fellowship of SMALC 91, SMART 175 with RT 28 , LC 28!
On the occasion of republic day cricket match was super success!! Smart 175 won with their superb team!!

Circling straight from my heart
Cr. Archana Gupta

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