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Resolution Shots:

2012 was a mixed year, great achievements & awards, moments of loss and quite a roller coaster ride. LC4 aims & Objectives soaring high managing with a successful Fundraiser Vir Das stand up Comedy show. Hectic Diwali & Christmas. Celebrations, which were never ending with spooky parties like Halloween. Potluck lunches, theme parties & Inter circle Kids carnival. End to all was with an NAGM and New Year eve get together.

Icing on the cake was cp trupti hosting the International President on Jan 1st, a table circle outstation family trip @ destiny farms near Ooty. It was about time we welcome 2013 in a grand way.

8th meeting was planned and we decided to call it Resolution Shots making sure our Ambition Meter was very high. The meeting cum fellowship was held at our fellowship convener Cr. Vanita’s Residence. Circlers decided to be Miss Goody shoes with Sane & Insane resolutions. Naughty promises were made in front of the floor.

Enthusiastic circlers spoke actively in the meeting about their December Fellowships.

Recall for the year and planning was the agenda. Intercircle event & charter day planning was the main agenda. Brainstorming and ideas flowed with passion.

Vote of thanks were given to Dr. Vani, Vanita & Anju for lovely hospitality & help.

Garnished Paan shots with strawberry topping was a superb Resolution idea. Funny & serious Resolutions like never to talk about or be upset about maids,some quit smoking and our new young circlers were outspoken about not being pregnant. some wanted to loose weight, many wanted to spend more quality time with the family. I chose to take part in family vacation from next year…Hostess vanita was hilarious as she said I want all my friends to be fat so I can look thin….She laid the dinner with yummy starters ,desserts & dhanshak a parsi dish.

Not to forget our table MMRT 3 also had a meeting in the next room , as we both finished the table circle agenda we gathered to celebrate our Hon Tr. Satish Nancy’s birthday. Candles blew & we sang in chorus with a chocolate facial of the lovely blueberry cake we wishes him a lovely year ahead.

Re charged with the shots for the upcoming 2103 yr,we wrapped up the fellowship.

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