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We lose ourselves in things in the things we love , we find ourselves in them too,

Valentine Day is the time to acknowledge and share in the beauty of love with our near and dear one’s

Love is and should be expressed . The tradition of celebrating Valentine Day in MMLC 4 goes way back . No strings are left unturned and such was the case with our Valentine party this year hosted by Cr Ami and Tr Abhishek

Right from selecting the perfect venue, a beautiful evening by the sea side , the lovely breeze kept the spirits high and passion engulfed one and all, The whole ambience was set up for a cozy and romantic evening. The music being played couldn’t make the evening more perfect.

Every body was on a new high, a high for love and passion.The evening started with the host couple Ami and Abhishek dancing ever so close to build up the feeling of love. This was followed by performances by our beautiful Cr’s with their handsome counter part dancing to the fusion of Kollywood , Bollywood and Tollywood

The party was well attended by Cr’s and Past Cr’s and it went on till the wee hours of the morning. The DUCATI BIKE on display added to the fun where couples took pictures and went one with persolized ones too.

The icing on the cake was Cr Monisha and Past Tr Dilip’s Anniversary… To sum it all up, it was a lovely party where one would definitely want to be invited




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8 th meeting notice

Straight from the Heart,
Secy,VLC 52.

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We at KLC48 were delighted to participate in the National Initiative of Donating Solar Water Heaters to needy homes. We selected Shanti Bhavan, a home for the aged, here in Kottayam for our project. There are 75 inmates in this home ,who all are above the age of 60 and in dire need of hot water for bathing. We were excited at the opportunity to be able to provide this to them, with the able support of LCI and RTIF. This project is a tribute to Past President Ashwini Surendar under the theme ‘Caring Beyond 2000’.

50% of the expenses was borne by the circle while a 50% matching grant was received from RTIF. It is a tie up with V-guard and the installation was done by them. The capacity of the Solar Heater is 500 L and the cost of this unit was Rs.82,038/ while additional expenses like plumbing, welding& installation of water tank was incurred. The total cost of the project was Rs1,10,733/ where Round Table India Foundation contributed Rs49,259/ ,while Rs61,474 was put in by the circle. Thanks to the help of the V-Guard representatives, we managed to complete plumbing, welding and other installation activities over the course of the month of January (we received the unit in the first week of Jan), and inaugurate it on Feb 6th, 2013 .

Dr. Mathew Paracken, a well- known physician in Kottayam and a supporter of Shanti Bhavan was invited to be the chief guest and cut the ribbon. A few of the trustees of the institution and ciclers were present at the inaugural function.

KLC48 also sponsored lunch(at a cost of Rs11,050/) that day at Shanti Bhavan and joined them in the meal of hot biriyanis!

All in all, this was a wonderful experience for all of us, and we are ever grateful to RTIF, Cr Kaveri Annamali, Project convener, LCI for all the support and be involved in such ventures, time and again.

Cr Amritha Abraham

Secretary KLC48

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BLC19 and BRT 7’s Knights in Khakhis

On Friday the 15th of February, BRT 7 and BLC 19 had their 2nd annual Knights in Khakhi event. Knights in Khaki is our table and circle’s initiative to recognize the efforts of the front line soldiers in the police department. These are our unsung heroes of the Police Department whose work goes unrecognized in the swift progression of life. We honored 21 Police constables, head and senior constables and assistant sub-inspectors of the Police Department, based on their contribution to the police department and society (19 policemen and 2 police women) These recipients were decided by the office of the Commissioner of Police based on a proper evaluation system. In this day and age when the police receive more brickbats and accusations rather than accolades for the work that they do, this event was an absolute necessity. It was humbling to see the happiness and joy that the awardees and their families had in getting recognition for their work. The event was honorably graced by The Commisioner of Police, Jyothiprakash Mirji Joint Commissioner, City Armed Reserve, BNS Reddy, Mrs. Priyanka Upendra, Artist, Kannada Film Industry , Tr., Harish Shenoy, NVP, Round Table India, Tr. Manoj Mehra, Area 6 Chairman and Cr. Kajol Bhatia, Area 6 Chairperson.

The recipients were first honored by having a garland and shawl being placed on them by Mr. Mirji and Mr. Reddy, and then Mrs. Upendra handed them a trophy with their names, and Harish, Manoj and Kajol gifted them with some tokens from our side. Each awardee was given a rice cooker and induction plate. Knights in Khakhi was well attended by tablers and circlers from area 6 and was covered extensively by media generating huge publicity for Round Table India and Ladies Circle India.

The following publications covered the event

New Indian Express

Deccan Herald



Karnataka Vartha

Bharathi Udayavani Samyuktha
Karnataka Dinakaran

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