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Area 7 ACP visit to Salem – 3 circles of Salem city joint meeting cum fellowship , theme – Teens- in cool summer colors with fashion accessories! ( nat. Initiative )

Circling straight from my heart
Cr. Archana Gupta


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SMALC 91 project !

APS National Grant Project worth rs 10,000/- , education fees given for a student applied for ECAC TM. Student name – Kaushalya, project done during area visit by Roopa Suraj.

Circling straight from my heart
Cr. Archana Gupta

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Dear all…As women we been always giving.. LOVE, PRIDE, RESPECT & EVERYTHING WE POSSESS…
Lets salute every WOMEN for being a WOMEN!!!!
Rightly said that the world is worth living because WOMEN MADE IT SO!!!!
We @ BULC 96 are holding our 10th meet of the year in honor of WOMENHOOD..
CELEBRATING with our Very creative cr. Snehal’s HRD on TIME MGT… for today’s busy bees…
Along with THEMES being: Winter wear… knit wear.. Kitty party

Thanks a lot.. PFA the details furthermore…

10th meet.pdf

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Luvey Duvey Nite : SLC72, SRT-135, 41ers Club 104

Valentine Social – Luvey Duvey Nite

Date : 14th Feb 2013,

Venue: Lotus Banquets, Regent Mall.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go away, some stay for a while and leave footprints in our hearts and we are never ever the same. “Luvey Duvey Nite” was the reason to celebrate those footprints.

Cr. Priti – Tr. Jeegar, Cr. Swati – Tr. Gaurav and 41ers Club of SRT-135 took it upon themselves to give everyone a fun filled valentine night.

The social took off to an exhilarating start. All the couple had to express themselves and the hosts provided the tablers with a broche to be given to their better halves and in turn they would be given a rose, pose for a Couple Photograph. Present were Tablers, Circler, Past Circler, Tablers, 41ers, CM RT195 Tr Anirudh with his better half, HT 195 Rajesh with his better half.

The dress code was “Red and Black”, shades of Red for the circlers and Black for the tablers and 41ers. The venue was decorated with red and black balloons as per the theme for the night. All the circlers were looking gorgeous in Red and the tablers were smartly dressed in dashing black. This was the first time that live music was arranged to keep everyone entertained.

As everyone gathered couple games were conducted. Soft romantic music was being played in the background and all the couples had fun playing the games. Chairman Tr. Viral – Cr. Sweta won the first game of the evening, looked like they had been practicing the same at home. 41er Madan – Cr. Rekha won the couples musical chair and the last game was to collect hearts given to all the guests by asking questions to each other and who ever gave the right answer had to give his heart to the person asking the question. The last game was fun and also where everyone cheated the most and there was no clear winner.

The twinklers had great time enjoying the music and dance.

After the games everyone enjoyed the dinner followed by a round of romantic music and couple dance. Prizes were announced for the best couple the best dressed couple and the best twinkler. Prizes were also given to the winner of the 2 couple games.

The valentine cake was cut and enjoyed by everyone and this was the end of a wonderful evening. Sweet memories were carried home by all our Tablers, Circlers and twinklers.

Reported straight from heart by:

Cr Priti & Tr. Jeegar Jariwala

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