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Dear NP, NST, AC, AST, Cp’s, Secy’s of LC India & my dear friends..

Greetings from PRLC 47!!

Priyanka Vineet
(Secy 2012- 2013)
Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle 47…


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social invite of calc3

pool party invite.pptx

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Social Invite

Dear NP, NST, AC, AST, Cp’s, Secy’s of LC India & my dear friends..

Greetings from PRLC 47!!

Its family time!!! Come dressed alike!!

Cr Janani, Tr Senthil & Tw Niveshna invites

All of u to come and chime!!

Date: March 9th
Time: 4:00pm
Venue: Hotel Ananda Inn Poolside
Theme: Look Alike

*The kids can take a dip in the pool..

Priyanka Vineet
(Secy 2012- 2013)
Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle 47…

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Dear all,

Please accept International Womens Day Wishes from Surat Ladies Circle 72.

With a wish to " lighten up lives " " straight from the Heart " am sure we will.

LMF Cr Sangita Rathod

Surat Ladies Circle 72

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Surat Ladies Circle 72

HRD on Self Defence for School Girls.

Date: 13th Feb 2013, Venue: Umrigar School, Surat

Being a HRD convener for this year we thought that we should do a self-defense training program for girls in schools. In recent times, when many school girls fall victim to the mischievous roadside rowdies, we have organized a very useful HRD for school girls on 13th Feb at Umrigar School. 700 girls attended this HRD which was conducted in two batches @ 10 am and 3 pm respectively by well known Taekwondo teacher Black belt Mr. Pamir Shah. He is a certified instructor and a part of a group named ‘women against rape and domestic abuses’. He is also a PhD degree holder in marshal arts.

So by welcoming the move taken by us, Mr. Pamir shah, said, "The initiative is good. But until girls don’t take care of themselves and become vigilant, teaching them self-defense will not be of great help. Quick action against the guilty will also result in reduction of crime against women”. As it is indeed a very legitimate concern, and adding that physical education should be for both genders. He added, “The following material is the personal safety portion. It includes its own research, advice from experts and the knowledge gained from the experience of the students themselves”. He said, “Today I’m going to give you a few tips about personal safety, but I suggest everyone should take one of these classes to actually learn some basic self defense moves for yourself”.

He started with information that this HRD is all about "Survival" and "Fighting". Sometimes it goes together and sometimes they are direct opposites. Sometimes in order to survive you must fight and fight hard, other times fighting is the worse choice of action and in fact you can get killed. Avoidance or running away, if possible, is better methods of survival than fighting or confrontation.

1-Always examine your Surroundings– Be aware of dark areas; be aware of areas from which an attacker can suddenly emerge. Prepare yourself by looking for potential paths of escape, should you need one. Look for obstacles that may interfere with your exit. Be aware of where you are; near a bus, a car, a train? How long will it take you to get to safety? Can you run that far? Is your level of physical fitness high enough to make that run? As much as possible eliminate doubt and uncertainty. Check to see if there are security guards present. All this may sound very complicated but in actuality, once it becomes second nature, it only takes a few minutes or even seconds to assess the environment.

2-Keep your Body Prepared to Act-Hands should be free, not overloaded with bags. Dress comfortably.However if you are on your way home from work or just going shopping, it pays to wear something comfortable that you can run in or even fight in.

3-Avoid a Victim Mentality and Appearance- Use your body language to project self-confidence. Dress and look like you are ready for whatever may come your way.

4-Deceive Attacker-Perhaps call out for nonexistent friends; make him believe you are not alone.

5-Location-Some locations are more prone to certain types of crimes than others. Be alert and also be careful.

6-Use of Environmental Weapons-Use of potential weapons such as hair-spray, a cup of hot tea, scissors, paper weights, umbrella, pencil, safety pins, keys, water bottles even clothing can be used.

This type of empowerment training is also quite efficient as well as fierce: this kind of course can teach women to render their would-be assailant unconscious. Fighting back is not just necessary, but it is a moral right because protecting one’s self is paramount.

He said “the next most common mistake women think that their training is only physical. The training is also mentally. Both must be understood for proper self defense. Your personal safety is very important”. He said the rest of the session is about analyzing a situation. Here are some tools and techniques for effective self defense, and information use.

ereHe informed that firstly we should try to diffuse the situation if the attacker ‘interviews’ you before the attack, act confident but try to avoid a physical confrontation if possible. Pretend you are a local. If you are walking through an area you are not familiar with, or even if you are totally lost, try to give the impression that you know exactly where you are; you know where you are going and you are not the least bit concerned. If you need to stop and look at street signs, try to do it in a way that does not show that you are totally lost, show no fear. Try to walk through unfamiliar areas with confident strides as if to say, "Yeah, this is my neighborhood!"

Secondly if someone following you, this may seem obvious but some people are totally unaware. Pay attention to what is going on around you and behind you. Is someone always behind you? Perhaps he is following you and looking for an opportunity to make his move. Be alert, avoid trouble. Don’t Panic – From a young age train children not to panic. Panic leads to either temporary paralysis or not being able to do anything, or to over reaction, and overreaction is a bad strategy in any game.

As young college women, we should all be aware of how to stay clear of danger, and if we have to, how to defend ourselves. Whether you go to school in a big city or a small town, there can always be threats to your safety and if you are aware of your surroundings and know basic defense, you can save your life. This self-defense class was actually a lot of fun, and I know I walked out of there having learned a lot.

The Event was covered in press with good mileage.


Cr.Tanushri Kansal

HRD convener 2012-2013

Surat Ladies Circle 72

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All my dear frnz….

Women z day greetings from Bhilwara United Ladies Circle 96……we @96 take pride n pleasure in inviting you all for our RJSS project .We have trained 24 destitute women in stitching n styling out of which 11 have been given the sewing machines in d last 2 quarters n to the rest 13 we will be giving on the big day 8th of March 2013.Also it gives us immense contentment to share with you tht d 11 ladies who have already received the machines are proudly working today and supporting their families for a better living.
Educated women equals’ better India …Together we can all work towards a smart shinning India where women works fearlessly in the same society.
Do come dressed in green to celebrate our mega RJSS project on the 8th of March. Also followed are tree plantation drive and nutrition drive.
Jai Womanhood!
Lov st.frm heart
Krishna Rathi.
Cp BUlC 96.


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