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VINTAGE AFFAIR 24th Wedding Anniversary:

Past Cr. Selvi & Tr. Mani’s Social

Marriages are made in Heaven but Promises & Relationship is kept on Earth.

Past Cr. Selvi & Tr. Mani celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary on 10th March at their beautiful residence. Past & Present Tablers & Circlers all joined in to wish the wonderful couple. Host Selvi known for her hospitality & meticulous organizing skills made sure that each n all had a great time.

Breeze & décor made the open-air party come alive. The couple cut cake arranged by our Tw. Convener Prachi & Tr. Kaushal. Lc 4 sang in chorus and wished the couple very best for the coming years.

The cabbana set up was a perfect spot for catching up with all; the setting under the sky set the mood for the party. Our Past Cr organized Food & Music all very tastefully. Selvi.

A light Evening to remember we signed off wishing the couple & looking forward for their 25th Next year!



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75th landmark meet of BKLC 107 & LCIndia Charter Day was celebrated on Sunday, the 17th March at BL!MEY the new place to be at 1 MG Mall…..The Theme for the meet was Platinum since it was our platinum meet celebration….All girls dressed up in their bling platinum outfits or accessories…for our guests there was an add on made by fellowship convener Cr. Bhavna a lovely rose/gerbera silver neckpiece given to all to get instantly into the theme. The place is on the 5th floor, the party was on terrace view where we could see the Ulsoor lake at a distance, it was THE place to be…. We 107 were having our 75th meet, it was unbelievable, here we were few years back the youngest circle & now yes we are in our sixth year….celebrating a platinum landmark meet …. we have grown together as a child grows…crawling, struggling to stand, walking & now running towards our goals….BKLC 107 has finally arrived 🙂
We had the pleasure of having IPP Cr. Aditi & ACP Cr. Kajol at our landmark meet…CP Cr. Kripa acknowledged all the past Chairpersons Cr. Rinku, Cr. Kavita Mehra, Cr. Kanchan, Cr. Priyanka, Cr. Bhavna… If not for them, we would not be in a place where we are standing tall & proud….Proud as a family & of our accomplishments & making a difference…touching lives as we march ahead as one.
Secretary Cr. Khushboo had a presentation in platinum theme which was a tribute to the past chairpersons with all that we (BKLC 107) achieved during their year.The BKLC circlers, the HC’s, special advisors all hold a special place & are like flowers in a bouquet. We had a lovely message from National President Cr. Ramya for our landmark meet & LCIndia Charter Day Celebrations. We had the privilege to hear encouraging words from our MOTHER Circle LC 54’s past Chairperson Cr. Renu who was proud with our achievements since we were chartered under her chairpersonship. All were presented with a memento, a lovely dry flower arrangement with “75” on it. There was a cake cutting with all 107ers together celebrating their platinum moment along with celebrating Birthday of Cr. Bhavna our HT Sagar’s wife…
We all 107ers along with our tablers celebrated the evening with lighting candles over the tune of WE ARE THE WORLD & to commemorate the togetherness of circlers & tablers. BKRT 174 Chairman Tr. Sanjay & BKLC 107 Chairperson Cr. Kripa requested IPP Cr. Aditi , Area CP Cr. Kajol , HT Sagar, HT Prashant along with all the tablers to release a CD Compilation … music of the knights by the knights (107 & 174 circlers & tablers).
Thanks Past LCI International CP Ashwini, Area publicity convener Cr. Kavita, Area Co ordinator Cr. Soniya, Area Extension Convener Cr. Naina, CP lc 19 Cr. Mansi, CP lc 105 Cr. Rashi, Sec. lc 105 Cr. Nidhi, past CP lc 54 Cr. Soni, & Circlers, HC’s of lc 19,lc 54, lc 105 who all made our landmark fellowship more rocking. The DJ with his awesome foottapping music pulled us onto the floor…everybody went on BL!MEY with the cocktails, Mocktails, shooters & Schnapps (got specially from switzerland) , the party got bigger, better & wilder …. Thanks to the hosts for the socials Tr.Sanjay & Cr. Kripa, HT prashant & Silvi, HT Sagar & Cr. Bhavna we had an amazing sundown party what else to say but “OH MY GOD….WHAT A PARTY” !!!!

Cr.khushboo nagpal

Secretary BKLC – 107
Area 6 Project Convenor

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