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Joint project of Circle’s of Area 6 – Endoscopic Surgery of Baby RakshitOn Women’s day 8th March , the circle’s of Area 6 joined hands to save the life of master Rakshit , who is just 2 months old. It all started when ACP Cr. Kajol received a call from Dr. Preetam of Mahaveer Jain Hospital Dr. Preetam handles the cleft lip surgeries and is a part of the smile train… They had an emergency case wherein a 2 month old baby of an auto rickshaw driver was unable to feed n take in the mothers milk Or any intake for that matter, so the baby required urgent endoscopy surgery , with the treatment, they will feed the baby through tubal feeding so it will begin to sustain n grow stronger n survive. After the surgery the baby will take feeds on his own in about 3-4 months time. They required urgent help from Ladies Circle for financial aid for undergoing urgent surgery on this child. A message on the groups led to super women of Area 6 get together accumulating the required amount in a matter of an hour. The tablers of Area 6 also readily extended their support.

It was so nice that the women of today reached out straight from the heart to give a little soul a new life !!!

The baby was discharged on 19th March. He is doing fine now & has put on 300 gms. Weight. Depending on his progress the tube will be removed & when he is about one year he will be operated for his cleft lips

Thanks to circle’s LC 5, 9,14,19,66, 107,122 for contributing Rs. 3000/- each

Thanks Cr. Jaspreet from LC 36 for contributing Rs. 2000/-

The Total cost of the Project – Rs. 23,000


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Dear all… our loving daughters n princesses KRITI & KAVYA…
are leaving us behind to make up their careers & life for better & brighter… STUDYING AHEAD!!!!
defiantly the void cant be filled in.. but we planned to SURPRISE them with a CELEBRATION…
For reasons could not float the INVITE before.. hope all of u understand…
Wish them luck & love with loads of blessings by your side.

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E2E Project- RTI FETE 5 classroom and Toilet Block by MMRT 95 and MMLC 70

E2E Project – P&G Playground Grant (Multi Court) by MMRT 95 and MMLC 70

School: SMT Ganga Bajranglal Chokhani Vivekananda Vidyalaya Mat. Hour. Secondary School Minjur

Date: 6th March 2013 (Bhoomi Pooja)

Bhavna Kapur

Secretary MMLC 70
2012- 2013

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With immense pleasure i m inviting u all for play ground & Solar water heater inauguration @ 11.00 am on 12th april

Play ground in nichur
Solar water heater in kanjikode .


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Holi celebration -PLC_34


Holi celebration of PLC-34 was amazing


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