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Little Master Chef Event


what is the most important thing to let the child enjoy…..it is to be themselves , learn, create new things with only guidance not interference…We at bklc 107 let the children explore their creativity with hands on cooking under the able guidance of professional chefs at our annual fundraising event little master chef. .summer holidays have set in the kids have ample time but mothers dont like them to mess their houses…we gave them a platform to try anything & everything.
when was this….30th march
where was it…. hotel bangalore international from 11.30 a.m to 3 p.m.
As the children entered they were given chefs hat & chef apron to adorn & enter their kitchen arena….around 175 children with 100 adults had time of their life ……they were at their creative best…….here the concept was no gas cooking they made tinny minny pizzas, veg. delight sandwiches , fuzzy mocktails, dunkin donuts, tasty triangles creating them as they like it …..their own master versions of the same….along with that there was fun game stalls , popcorn candy, hair braiding, hair coloring, tatoos, ballon moulding, key chain making to give them full entertainment.
Icing on the cake was presence of Miss Earth 2010 Miss Nicole Faria & Mr. Ian Faria who is an icon in public speaking, they both were there to support Ladies Circle India who they feel does amazing work …the funds collected at this fundraiser would be used to provide education for the underprivileged children at government school whitefield.
There was one minute talent show where children showcased dancing, singing talents…the showstopper was a little girl who did non stop hoopla on the number…radha teri chunri from student of the year….all were given prizes at the hands of Miss Nicole & Mr. Ian Faria . Cp Cr. Kripa felicitated them along with dignitaries Area 6T Chairman Tr. Manoj & Area 6 Chairperson Cr. Kajol & our sponsores with mementoes.
This was followed by magic show with some magical moments for children….along with munching delicious snacks & cold drinks ….n later yummy lunch
Each child carried all the goodies that they made to show off to their parents, grandparents & friends along with a little master chef award certificate & plant sapling to nurture.
We the team of BKLC 107 along with circlers, HC’s , past circlers were immensely satisfied since children were really happy…..coz HAPPY CHILDREN ……HAPPY US !!!!!

Cr. khushboo Nagpal
Secretary, BKLC 107
Area 6 Project Convener

Cr.khushboo nagpal
Secretary,BKLC – 107
Area 6 Project Convenor


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