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Greetings – World Health Day

Dear NP, NST, AC, AST, Cp’s, Secy’s of LC India & my dear friends..

Greetings from PRLC 47!!

Priyanka Vineet
(Secy 2012- 2013)
Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle 47…


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SLC72 – Khiladi Social

Khiladi 420

Social by Tr Nishith and Cr Ankita

Date: 26th Jan 2013, Venue: Village Restaurant, Iscon Mall, Surat.

26th January 2013, REPUBLIC DAY, We decided to celebrate it in an innovative and unique way. We zeroed in for venue at ISCON MALL- VILLAGE RESTAURANT with a new idea of TREASURE HUNT in ISCON MALL.

All got together at 4th floor VILLAGE RESTAURANT, ISCON MALL at sharp 7 p.m.. Dress code was table shirt with denim and Casual for Circlers. SRT135 had their short meeting where in the 420th meeting pin was launched by the 41ers AND Past SRT135 Chairmen.

Now was the time for what we had gathered for.

The Game of the Day: Treasure Hunt @ Mall.

We chose 12 shops in mall as target destinations and made clues according to their name. Official permission to organize the event was already taken from the management of mall and the 12 shops owners.

Around 70 Trs, Crs, 41ers were present there to participate in the event and experience it…so we divided all of them in 17 teams of 4 KHILADIS each.

CLUE CARDS were distributed among them and the hunt started…After around one hour we had our winner back in the village and it was a 41er team led by 41er VIKAS KHATOR. 1st runner up was Tr. Dharmendra Sawani and 2nd runner up was Tr. Jigar Jariwala…chairman then honoured all the winners by KHILADI 420 medals.

The Winners and Runner were awarded and Once all the teams were back, we all joined for Dinner and the usual Gossiping and Planning more such events.

Thanks to my Hubby Tr Nishith, for the planning and the idea, we all enjoyed the evening to the core and returned home with beautiful memories.

Lets Lighten up Lives, Straight from Heart,


Cr. Ankita Goyal

Surat Ladies Circle 72

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Surat Ladies Circle 72 – Twinklers Actiivities

Visit to Science Fair


HRD on Science Technology

Invention of new scientist in our kid thru SCIENCE FAIR.

Fabulous, scientific, helpful, kids friendly and excellent.

Innovative Junkies, a group of young science students, whose motto is to give platform to students for creating new ideas in science and technology arranged Science fair “Sciencetein – 2013” on 2nd and 3rdFebruary at science centre, Surat. With the jam packed schedules of today’s families, why would either a student or a parent want to add one more major activity? Clearly, any project assigned to a student should meet a stringent test for usefulness. Surprising to some, a SCIENCE FAIR project is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake.

Conceptually, a SCIENCE FAIR project was very straight forward. It also had a longer duration than any other assignment a student has done. A SCIENCE FAIR project requires student to learn to plan over 2 to 3 months, a skill of immense importance in future say adulthood. To my view SCIENCE FAIR is not a competition, the intention was to encourage a positive learning experience and bringing out hidden qualities and scientist in your kid. Our society relies more on SCIENCE everyday and SCIENCE FAIR projects are great ways for students to become more knowledgeable about how the world around them works.

Their workmanship compelled us to believe that u don’t have to be an adult to have amazing world changing ideas.

CP Cr Sangita and Chairman SRT135 Tr. Viral Bhatt were invited as guest of honour in the inauguration function along with Sir J.J. Rawal (CHIEF GUEST) and Mr Dhananjay Rawal (Science Activist ), Harsh Sanghvi (BJP MLA), Shree Kanubhai (Socialist, President Disable welfare Trust of India).

In the inauguration function, J.J.Rawal and Dhananjay Rawal gave a very good informative speech in which they highlighted the achievement of Indian scientist from ancient times and today. CP Cr Sangita and Tr. Viral got chance to address the students in which we informed them about RTI and LCI and the activities done by us. We also urged them to take up Science in way suggested by Mr Rawal.

After inauguration, we looked after different projects related to save water-energy-petrol, Making of Robots, etc along with chief guest. We also identified three projects to whom we gave memento from the RTI Supply House.

Twinklers had great time learning about the science project and showed interest in the experiments & Projects. The Twinklers also were invited to the science workshop on the next day which was going to be an eye opener for all clearing the misconceptions in the mind by small science experiments.

As project involved a good deal of maths and all students got an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills when they prepare their display boards and discuss their projects and explain the same to others. Many important aspects were covered from exploring effectiveness of cancer treatments, to recycling the disposal of plastics, managing the power of household devices, nuclear fusion reactor, reducing carbon di-oxide emissions, solar system (pizza box solar oven), generation of electricity from water stream, the iconic London bridge, generating electricity from waterfalls and many more from astronomy to zoology!!!!

HRD on Science Experiments with household materials

On 3rd February morning 9 am, it was a day of practical workshop conducted by Dhananjay Rawal. He used various materials from daily houseold items like balloon, straws, plane models, etc to explain the various concepts of science and explaining the situation with scientific application of knowledge.

He explained the concept of Airplane, Light, Centre of Gravity, air pressure, etc. All the Experiments were conducted, discussed before the final inference was conveyed and to our surprise, even the parents were taken for a ride when asked the reasons of the behaviour of the experiments.

It was a great mix of science and technology. Total 16 people from SRT-135-SLC72 family including Twinklers attended the innovative workshop and gained lots of knowledge form it.

The twinklers as well as the parents were motivated to think in a different way to understand the concepts of science.

Our little scientists found that how interesting it is to discover something amazing from this project, further they gain and got self realization of their other skills too while working on this project. The benefits of this FAIR went beyond learning SCIENCE…kids became more confident, more mature, more composed, disciplined, skilled, team building while working together in groups for project. Parents did support them n there was no pressure expecting kids to be perfect. Kids came up with their own ideas and project and made this SCIENCE FAIR a success.

Well after this SCIENCE FAIR I am really nervous whether I as a mother will be able to cope up with this newly upcoming, more intelligent, more deserving generation. I think from now on I have to spend more and more time reading n getting knowledge other than in kitchen…sorry hubby (chuckle)….

Cr Hiral Shah

Twinklers Convener

Surat Ladies Circle 72

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SLC72 Sports Day

Surat Ladies Circle 72 & Surat Round Table 135

Joint Fellowship Event


Date: 17th Feb 2013, 7.00 am.

Venue: Umrigar School, Surat.

As a fitness convener of SLC72 & SRT 135, it is very important for us to check fitness of our Tablers, Circlers, 41ers Twinklers and Prospectives and for that sports is very good tool to check. So as valentine was over we all decided to do sports event “KHEL KHEL MEIN”.

We had a very short span to prepare for all such fitness activities along with fun, but with the blessings of our AREA members and great help by our Tablers, 41ers , Circlers ,Twinklers and Prospectives from RT -135, RT – 155, RT – 195 and RT-209, we did it very smoothly and memorable. Umrigar School Management also supported a lot in providing us the venue.

So 17th February 2013 was decided as Oscar – “Judgement Day” to check the fittest with games full of thrill and entertainment. All Tablers, Circlers, 41ers Twinklers and Prospectives were first divided in four teams named BAAZIGAR, SINGHAM, DABANGG AND KHILADI with great inspiration from our current Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.





Normally Games were simple but the enthusiasm and participation of all my friends in TEAM with true sportsmen spirit took it to extreme fun…

Early morning…cool cool atmosphere – with hot hot tea….70 friends on one spot…., tunes of D.J. and Sumeet baba ka Satsang, Garma Garam Chole Bhature and sweet sweet jalebies along with Baazigar , Shingham, Dabangg and Khiladi – "Tashan" among four teams it was nothing but memorable fellowship….!!!

Dabangg team won the first battle as they reach with their max. team members at cut off time 7.30am. 5* bonus points were awarded to them.

First we started with Shot-Put :

With a strict instruction “ those who suffer from loose motion don’t take part”… We started our sports Event with Shot Put. All did their best but Tr. Mihir – An energetic bachelor from Singham Team won the gold medal and in ladies Cr. Tanushree from Dabangg team did the same.

Second – Running

A real game of stamina… Running was divide in five groups. Tablers, 41ers, Circlers, Twinklers and Junior Twinklers.

In running also Tr. Mihir – from Singham proved that along with energy he had stamina as well by winning the gold medal . 41er Vikas – old wine in new bottle – from Khiladi, Past Circler Kalpana – A angry young woman from Dabangg, Tw. Jugal Bhatt and Devansh from Baazigar showed their best and flied high in the sky.

Third – Sack Race :

Sack race was for Twinklers…. They did it with immense energy and proved it …. “Britannia khaa..o.. khud…jaan..jaa..o” and again Tw. Jughal Bhatt and Tw. Devansh from Baazigar became Britannia boy with gold medals in diff. Categories of Twinklers.

Fourth – Lime and spoon :

Lime and Spoon, the Traditional Game of Balance for circlers/ladies and all Twinklers. With use of Dabangg- 2 fame song “Fevicol se” Cr. Tanushree was the best among circlers. In Junior Tw. Devansh from Baazigar and Yash Kherajani from Khiladi shined with gold medals and did campaigning of “feviquick” – “chutki mein chipkaaye…..quick”

Fifth – Slow cycling :

In this fast jet world, we scheduled game named slow cycling. And really old is gold, 41er Darshan from Dabangg did very well and won gold. And in ladies section Propsective circler Priya from Singham…won the slow cycling race with her lady bird cycle.

Sixth – Obstacle race :

Its a twinkler’s game and all twinklers showed their best sprit and enjoyed a lot along with their parents. Tw. Devansh and Junior Tw. Dhanvi.. both from Baazigar won gold medals.

Seventh – Relay Race :

Relay race was a race with Team Work…if one person did bad whole team had to pay for it . Each Relay tem had 2 Cr and @ Tr. All the team members put their best efforts but Dabangg team with their patent song HUD…HUD…DABANGG…were “SAB SE BADA KHILADI” in Team Work and won gold medal for their team.

Eight– Tug-of War:

This was also a team game and was enjoyed the most by everyone. In this all Salman, Shahrukh, Ajay and Akshay from their respected teams battled with full enthusiasm…only weapon in this war was rope. .

At the end of final war between Akshay (KHILADI BHAIYA….KHILADI BHAIYA) and Salman (DABANGG)……and lastly Salman’s team won the battle and once again proved that they were best in team spriti….HUD…HUD…DABANGG again was on the TUNE………… !!!!

Twinklers also tried their hands at Tug of War

Ninth – Captain’s war :

This was the game only for all the four captains of the team. It was time now for the captains to show their fitness … so we arranged captain’s war. “Who did the maximum dips” ??? was the main challenge for all four captains. After a very tired schedule
Tr. Gaurav “Shahrukh” started and did 20 dips, Tr. Nishith “Salman” did 15 dips , Tr. Rohit “Ajay” – “AATE MAAZI SATKEL” – quit from it..and Tr. Manish “Akshay” did very close to Tr.gaurav 19 dips. So surprise result arrived that our Bright D – Gang member Tr. Gaurav captain of Baazigar team won gold in Captain’s war game and was a surprise turning point for Baazigar’s team also.

Tenth – Fun Cricket:

Last was Cricket which had to be stopped after few overs due to the exhaustion of all the khiladies but the team work won, the sportsmen spirit won.

At the end of Sports Event “ KHEL KHEL MEIN” delicious food Chole Bhature, Piping Hot Jalebis with Tea & Coffee arrangement was done. After the Tiring Sports day summit, we all had good time munching our Food.

Prize Distribution:

This time we had some surprise and special awards ie.. Best Fit Male, Best Fit Female, Best Fit couple, Best fit Twinkler in addition to GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE MEDALS. Tr. Mihir , Cr. Tanushree, Tr. Amit- Cr. Tanushree, Tw. Hitansh Bhatt got above mentioned awards respectively.

The most thrilling and main award….Best Team awarded to Baazigar Team and they proved “ HAAR KE JITNE WAALO KO HI BAAZIGAR KAHTE HAIN” very well. Dabangg, Singham and Khiladi lost their Brand value against kkkk..kiran “Baazigar”.

Reported by :

Cr Hardshita Kherajani & Tr Deepak Kherajani

Sports Convener

SLC72 & SRT135, 2012-13

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Surat Ladies Circle 72 & Culcatta Central Ladies Circle 27


Date : 17th March 2013, 10.00 am.

East & West joins hands for Projects.

When we received the list of pairing from Nationals, we decided to go ahead with a joint project. And what could be have been more better than doing two joint project in opposite corners of the country.

We were planning to do a project of Limb Donation at Sub Jail. When we send across the proposal to CCLC27, they readily agreed to join us in the project with a contribution of Rs3000.

Project at Lajpore Jail: Donation of Artificial Limb & AFO Shoes

The Project Details:

Items Donated: one Artificial Limb, 2 AFO Shoes, 1 Compensation Shoes and 1 Exercise Ball.

Prisoners Benefitted: Five Prisoners

Total Cost: Rs 11000.

Circlers Present: CP Cr Sangita, VC Cr Monica, FC Cr Priti, IPC Cr Rekha and Cr Jigna

Dr Rajesh Fit the Limb and Shoes to all the prisoners and made them walk. He explained them how to take care and exercise for best results.

Myself gave an introduction of Ladies Circle to the Jail Staff present. The Jail Superintendent was kind enough to acknowledge our good work and instructed the prisoners to remember the donation throughout life.

We also got a certificate of donation from the Jail Authorities which bears name of both the circles.

We gave mementoes to the Jail Superintendent and the senior Jailor.

Visiting Jail

When we expressed desire to see the Jail from inside, the Jailor agreed to let us in. it was kind of HRD to peek into the life of prisoners in the jail.

The Highlight of Jail:

1) Biggest in Asia to accommodate 3000 Prisoners.

2) The Living Conditions are the best with all Human Rights being observed and taken care of.

3) The Jail has a Amphitheatre and a Football Ground for Leisure and Entertainment

4) A special Cell for Hard Core Prisoner in the Centre of Jail. Hard Core Prisoners are provided accommodation in single or triple sharing but never double Sharing. Idea is the third be a witness to any wring happening.

5) In house bakery which produces Namkeens, Biscuit which is sold to the outsiders on the prison gate

6) In house hospital for routine examination and minor treatments.

7) In house Kitchen which is run by prisoner at a salary of Rs 30 each per day. The salary is credited in their account and can be used to shop or handed when retires.

8) The prisoner has access to library, computer classes and Teaching to three universities, Classes and Exams are also conducted within premises

9) The Wire fencing at the jail compound wall has Electrical power running in it.

10) The prisoners can buy from stores, daily toiletries and consumables with coupons allotted to them against their salary or the money orders received by them from families.

11) The female prisoners have access to education and stitching classes. They also earn money by stitching clothes for prisoners.

The visit served as an eye opener and we could see the jail which was entirely different from what it is picturised and seen in movies. Since Camera was not allowed beyond the administrative block, w=could not click any pictures.

Project at KOLKATA SWASTHYA SANKALP: Sponsoring Dialysis.

The Project Details:

Project Detail: Ten Dialysis sponsored for Needy benefitting ten people.

Total Cost: Rs 5000.

Circlers Present: ACP Cr Madhuri, CP Cr Nandini, VC Cr Sarita, Secy Cr Nidhi, Cr Priyanka

Prospectives Present: Kavita, Sonali, Parul, Manisha, Nikita

Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp is an NGO Providing Dialysis to the underprivileged who cannot afford. The NGO has also employed few people who works at the centre to warn their own dialysis.

ACP Madhuri Presented the Cheque to the Vice President of the NGO.

We thoroughly enjoyed the communications across the country to do the meaningful two projects. we look forward to associate in more projects in future.

Straight from Heart, Lets lighten up Lives.

Reported by:

Cr Sangita Rathod



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