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SLC72: My Experience @ Ahmedabad Trip for Baghbaan & 2nd Area XI AEX

Dear All,

Back from the Ahmedabad trip. I had the privilege to attend three events at Ahmedabad.

A) Baghbaan by all Ahmedabad Tables and Circles on Sunday.

B) The 2nd AEX at ACP Cr Udita’s Resi in presence of Nat President Cr Ramya on Today morning, and

C) Project by ALC64, today at the Keshavnagar school where they donated a Solar Water Heater Geyser benefiting the school Girls.

The evening program was wonderful and I got to meet many Tablers, Circlers and Parents. The evening turned out great as our twinklers put in their best dance performances for our parents and grand parents. Lovely arrangements, Food, Decor by Cr Aditi and Tr Ritesh. They are perfectionist.

The be-letting at Cr Udita’s Resi and the late night discussion and fellowship was again a star in the crown. The late night discussion with Cr Ramya and ACP Cr Udita was eye opener to many happenings @ LCI. Just really enjoyed every moment of it.

The 2nd AEX was a beautiful experience to share the happenings at Area XI. Cr Ramya’s presence was our great luck. We CPs shared the happening and plans at our Circle. AST Cr Udita presented the Area Report. NP Cr Ramya appreciated the initiatives taken by all of us at Area XI. She also told us to come forward and take leadership positions at Area and Nationals.

After the AEX, We all went to the Keshavnagar School where ALC64 have done lot of projects in past. Today’s Project was donation of the Solar Water Heater from V Guard.

We left for Surat after Lunch

The journey to and fro with Cr Seema, CP SMLC102 was great as we got so much time to discuss circling and arranging joint activities @ Surat. She is a wonderful person to be with. Couldn’t make out how time flew as we traveled together on train. I found a great friend in her….

Looking forward to more such fellowships.


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NOTICE : 11th meet of BULC 96

Hello girls… Notice for the 11th meet of the year!!!
Kindly acknowledge…

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