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Quiz-Time about LC
Test your Circling Knowledge

Do we all know our facts about this wonderful organization, think again. There are so many things which we should know and probably don’t. So at MMLC-70 we decided to improve our circling knowledge with a fun yet informative HRD session. When we planned to do this at Cr. Anuradhas Social we had a pleasant surprise of a very special guest. Cr.Seetha Venkatesh, Past President Ladies Circle India, Past President Ladies Circle International, a Veteran in Circling.

Cr. Seetha Venkatesh shared her thoughts and experiences on circling and urged us to enjoy the movement in our youthful years till we retire at 40. She also added by saying that traveling also expands our friendship and relationships with circlers all over the country because of the common bond that we all share, and to make a start by attending the Fellowship express at Hyderabad on the May 1st and 2nd and to start planning for the NAGM at Goa in December 2013.

She was happy to see the initiative taken by us on improving our circling knowledge and also on our very own Circle(Lc-70) from the time of its charter. She also commented that she has been interacting with MMLC-70 for so many years that she was able to relate to most of the questions as she was personally part of many of LC-70s circling activities.

After a very inspiring talk Cr. Seetha handed it over to Incoming National Hon Cr. Heena Bellani to give us the answers for our quiz and enlighten the circlers a little more on our esteemed organization.

Certainly a very informative session for all the circlers of MMLC-70.

LMF Cr. Kajal ChhabriaChairperson


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Dear Circlers All Around India.

It is out pleasure to invite you to our event ‘Food Fiesta’ for our Twinklers.

We will be teaching all our twinklers to make few Mocktails, Salads, Snack and Two Deserts.

Venue: Cr Kavita Kankaria’s Residence @ D-107, Somnath Enclave, Parle Point. Date: 14th April.
Time: 2 pm.
With a wish to “lighten up lives” “straight from the Heart”

LMF Cr Sangita Rathod
Surat Ladies Circle 72,

For Update on our circle activities, please visit http://www.suratladiescircle72.wordpress.com

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