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Dear friends,
Greetings on behalf of Area 6 Project Convener Cr. Khushboo for this beautiful month of April….This month is special because we are also celebrating Earth Day on 22nd April. It is time to take care of Mother Earth!!!!
This month our Ladies Circle India – Earth Hour tells us ways in which we can make small changes in our lives & make big differences in the environment by our approach.
Kindly observe the Ladies Circle India – Earth Hour on the Monday , 22.4.2013 from 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. & do our bit to save & conserve energy.
pfa the image for this month….kindly share it with your friends so that they also observe the same….!!!!!
kindly change your profile pictures to Ladies circle India – Earth Hour pic. on Wats app, Facebook, BBM so that our organisation is more visible bringing more publicity for our beautiful LCIndia.

“friendship n service
straight from my mystical heart”
Cr.khushboo nagpal
BKLC – 107
Area 6 Project Convenor
email i.d. khushboonagpal@yahoo.com
“strength lies within fellowship”


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Dear All,

Please find herewith the details of our 3rd E2E project of year (second at this school).

1 Project Name E2E : Donation of Science Lab Items
2 National Initiative Ladies Circle E2E Project
3 Area & Circle No. Area-11 and circle- Surat Ladies Circle 72.
4 Date and Time 4th April 2013, 3 PM
5 Venue with Address Bhatarkar School, Bhatar Road, Surat
6 Contact person’s Name & No Mr Amritbhai
7 Total Cost of the Project Rs 4487
8 Grant Received from National NA.
9 Sponsorship/Donations This project was done from Charity Account
10 Amount of Circle Project Fund used Rs 4487
11 No. of people Benefitted 700 secondary school students
12 Name of Circlers Present Sangeeta, Monica, Samta, Priti, Kavita.
13 Guest & other Circlers Present
14 Twinklers Present
15 Any other information We are associated with the school for last few years. This is our second E2E project at this school
16 Project Highlight & Brief Description On request from Mr Amrutbhai, We donated the requirementsScience Lab Materials

Cr Sangita briefed all present about the Ladies Circle and its activities

17 Project Publicity Details NA
18 Issue of 80G Certificate to Donors NA.
19 Name of Project Convener Cr Deepali Bhajanka.

With a wish to " lighten up lives " " straight from the Heart "
LMF Cr Sangita Rathod
Chairperson, SLC72

SLC72 – E2E Project#2 Science lab items.docx

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