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Notice for 10th meeting of VLC 52

Straight from the Heart,
Secy,VLC 52.


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Joint Fellowship @ Shilton in Knights Ishtyle

Date – 10th April
Total strenghth – 34 Tablers, Circlers, HT’s, HC’s, Sq.legs
Celebrating HC Jagurti’s bday
Theme- Bollywood & Music
Dresscode- zodiac Colors & Navratan

Two days before the meet all were given color list according to their zodiac signs & were asked to dress in colors according to their zodiac signs. The fellowship day we all got together @ hotel shilton around 9 pm on 10th of April 2013, our fellowship conv Simar got everyone rings in all Navratans, we all chose our colors n wore them.
The Fellowship was a celebration of togetherness, bonding & team work as we inaugurated our very own School at Whitefield this quarter along with the success of our Fundraiser Little Master Chef.
We celebrated our HC Jaguriti’s birthday by cake cutting & loads of best wishes. a small token of love was given to Jagruti from the whole team of 107&174.
After all the hardwork this evening was just let your hair down n dance to all the bollywood music which our super DJ played. The evening was rocking with awesome food, drinks, foot tapping Music where we partied till the vee hours. Super rocking evening in Knights Ishtyle.

As we know ‘ strength lies in Fellowship’ & ‘Mighty knights shall ever rock’
Kripa Bathija
Chairperson BKLC107

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Greetings – Happy Earth day

Dear NP, NST, AC, AST, Cp’s, Secy’s of LC India & my dear friends..

Greetings from PRLC 47!!

Priyanka Vineet
(Secy 2012- 2013)
Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle 47…

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