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Routine Health Checkup camps have been an ongoing activity that we have been undertaking year after year. This year after we did our first health checkup camp the question that came up was what benefit it is actually doing specially for Oral healthcare and hygiene for which the nearest facility will be kilometers away for the children for whom we are doing this.

Just on contemplating this we found a ready donor who came forward with sponsoring a fully operational Dental Clinic at Jyoti Bhadir Vidyalaya. This would be for all the four schools of KHLC-88 which would be covering around 1800 students in all. A Dentist would be going to the clinic minimum of 4 days a week. Everyday a batch of students would be taken to the clinic for complete checkup and then treatment if required. A full time compounder will be available everyday over there also.

Every student will be having a history card. We also feel that this step for oral hygiene is most important in our state as the menace of pan masala strikes individuals at this tender age, especially in the rural areas. Maybe by providing such infrastructure we may be able to educate and create awareness in the children about the ill effects of such things and keep them away from such habits.

The Freedom through education movement is definitely putting smiles on the faces of the children, we just want to make those smiles as healthy and as shinning as those smiles can be by such an initiative.

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Cr.Pooja Kapoor


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