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Projects done in April by lc 100



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Brallelueah: HR of lc 100

Dear friendsResending the report since in the previous one pictures were not clear.

leaving a mark,
lc 100


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Mid April….Heat is on…Bangalore getting busier day by day….places getting crowded …If u guys thought this is it!!!
Certainly wrong!!!
BKRT 174 and BKLC 107 had a pleasant getaway on 14 April from all the hustle bustle of Blore!!
we met up for yet another socials hosted by our tabler Pattu and his hot and beautiful wife Suprita, at his amazing farm house ….. And with the theme being very unique “Doctors and Nurses”, all of them dressed up ….not as doctors & nurses but as patients …..lolzzzz. It was a sunny afternoon with all of them at their best of moods to party, drink, and dance. Since we all have had amazing fellowships at his farm house in the past, kids also couldn’t stop their excitement joining in!!
As the clock ticked 4 sun was a bit more pleasing….several rounds of Beer were doing their rounds accompanied by delicious veg & Nonveg Barbeque delicacies with the super background score setting the mood perfectly..All enjoying the lazy noon,engrossed in their deep conversations…were surely not happy to leave the fun filled evening…thinking of the Monday!!
To put in a nut shell….it was a perfect white Sunday lazy afternoon party!!
If given a chance …Poritosh’s farm would’ve been their stay for that day…was the common opinion from children to adults!!!!regards
Bhavna. Duseja
IPC & fellowship con.
BKLC 107

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