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After a few initial hiccups and apprehensions, Twinklers @Science Express did ultimately transform into a reality.

We reached the Chennai Central railway Station at about 10am, Sunday the 28th july, and joined the Queue with about a 100 People already ahead of us waiting to get in. The science Express or SEBS is an innovative mobile exhibition mounted on a specially designed 16 coach AC train, traveling across India since October 2007. After the successful tour across India in four phases, this iconic train is running since 2012 as ‘Science Express – Biodiversity Special (SEBS)’ – a unique collaborative initiative of Department of Science & Technology and Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India. The SEBS 2013 edition is scheduled to travel to 62 locations in the country during its journey from 9 April to 28 October 2013.

The twinklers and the ladies as well, had a wonderful time going through this unique train, coach after coach with each coach dedicated to one subject. The twinklers enjoyed the experience of picking up tit bits of information on the geography, bio deiversity, environment, Animal and Plant life of India. A few interactive charts, life size figures and the wonderful knowledge guides in the train made it worth the wait. Overall a simple, fun and a wonderful learning activity. The kids were rewarded with refeshments ( It is not easy for the twinklers to stand in a line waiting and then trudge along a 16 Coach Train) ending their fun experience on a high.

Twinklers @ the science express was attended by Cr.Anchal, Cr. Prachi, Cr. Vani, Cr.Radhi And Me. I have to add that the initial apprehensions were not completely unfounded as we realized on our way back. the Queue had expanded to 100’s of people waiting in double lines waiting to get in, and this in less than half an hour. therefore reaching early was a good idea.

Thank you to all the circlers of MMLC4 for their support.

Megha Goel & Radhi Malar Twinklers Convenor MMLC4


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Our first Twinklers fellowship on 27 july, Saturday at Radisson Blu Resort (Temple Bay) was indeed great fun. Twinklers Pragyaa ,Prannav, Aum, Siman, Shrehyaan, Vansheeka, Samiara, Kiara,Ria Khushal,Nikshay,Pranav and Guest Enara had a wonderful time splashing around and playing in the pool , Be it swimming, floating around in their tubes, playing water polo or even splashing with their water pistols to add in more fun .

With 10 Twinklers , the whole place was echoing with giggles and laughter that made it almost impossible for us mothers to get them out their favorite place ….Pool!

Twinkler Convenors:

Cr. Preetika Sarin and Cr. Shweta Mehra

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In today’s world, women are constantly targeted while in home, office, study centers, public, and other places. Let it be chain snatching, eve teasing, verbal harassment, or sexual abuse. It is a necessity that women need to learn to some techniques to handle situations like these. Having this in mind, Pondicherry Ladies Circle 40 organized an HRD program on Self Defense Techniques on July 25, 2013, at Pondicherry Ladies Circle 40 Hall at Lawspet, Pondicherry. Ladies aged between 25 to 60 attended the workshop and learnt some skills, punches, tactics, deadly knocks, and other ways to escape from worse scenario. Ladies from Avvai Nagar, Circlers from Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle 47 and Pondicherry Heritage Round Table, and many more participated. The program was arranged by Circlers Sridevi (Chairperson), Charanya, Sarvagnya, and Nila. This was a very useful HRD demonstrated by Tatenwenko Masters Vinod and Devi priya. Each participant was taught individually tactics and skills.

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MMLC 70 NEON fellowship

Dear Friends

MMLC 70’s Neon O’ Clock Time for fun…… Lets get Neon with Crazy funky wild Accessories. Dress to impress with LED jewellery,UV reactive hair color, Glow sticks…… the list is endless.

Hugs n Love
Namita Sayani

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Shopaholics Arrives

Dear Friends

When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again….

BNLC14 along with BNRT 25 and the twinklers went for a "shopping fellowship" on 27th July at 1MG mall….It was fun shopping together. We took full advantage of the SALE going around in most of the shops.. Tablers had fun holding our shopping bags. The kids had a nice ice cream party.

Warm Regards


LMF Cr.Smita Jain


Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14

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BLC-19-Neon Fellowship

We kickstarted the year NEON style with a lot of energy, colour and no doubt fashion-which most of our circles are impeccable at! It was a lovely day for lunch and we saw an eclectic show of colours, brightness and joy which symbolises the excitement and individuality of 19ers.
We had a great mix of gossip, serious POAs for the upcoming year, and also a wicked game squeezed in the middle of everything which left most of us in giggles.
The 'Sunny Leone' award for best dressed lady in neon went to Cr. Simi. After the lovely lunch, most of us wanted to linger together for yet some more time and so we set out for some window shopping at the cute in-house store at the restaurant.

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