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Project Vigyan took place right after our Circle and Table AGM’s got over at Chikmagalur, on 27th July 2013.

BCLC105 jointly with BCRT172 and CRT164 donated 4 computers to HPS HIREMAGALUR SCHOOL, CHIKMAGALUR to serve 120 students in learning computer skills with educational and recreational programs.

The Chief Guests – Mr. HS Puttaswam, Councilor, Mr. BN Mohan Kumar member Sridevi Yuvaka Sangha & Mr. Mallesh HS – SDMC President spoke in high regards about the movement and congratulated, highly appreciated the community service done by the organization for the upliftment of the society.

The children and the members of the school were extremely happy and excited to get computers in their school. The members and the staffs of the school expressed their profound gratitude to us for the huge support. They assured that the computers will be used solely for the purpose for which they were donated.

They had also made a donor plaque with RTI and LC India logos and had put on their school wall.

Total Cost – Rs.16, 000/-

The project was covered in the local dailies/newspapers too. A satisfying and super duper way to start our year.

Tr.Anil Maloo. Tr.Kapil Vyas, Tr.Puneet Saraogi, Tr.Abhishek Agarwal, Tr.Dhiraj Kejriwal, HT Sunil Bhatia, Tr. Nalin Gupta, Cr.Vrinda Lewis, Cr.Gunjan Dinodia, Tw.Aarav and prospect Aarti Gupta attended the project

Cr. Gunjan Dinodia

Secretary, BCLC 105



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Project “Sahayta Sewa” in association with Puj Sindhi Panchayat

“Do Zarrurat Mand ko ann…. rahe khush apna mann”

The Project “Sahayta Sewa ” aims at providing the Below poverty Line families monthly rations to cut their expenses & run their families (minimum three people). The project was done on friendship day 4th August 2013 at Puj Sindhi Panchayat , K.G. Rd.
150 families were provided with Wheat, rice, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, soaps, tea based on the number of family members. On an average Each family was given approx. Rs. 1000 worth Ration. Apart from this 250 very poor people were given randomn rations. The project was followed with a meal of pulao raita given to all the people present. Total cost of the project every month is Rs. 1,50,000 (circle contribution Rs. 4200 towards sugar packets which was sponsored by Cr. Khushboo nagpal) along with other sponsors & donors. This project will be ongoing project of BKLC 107 for the year & anyone who wants to come forward & sponsor rations or other items are most welcome.

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107
Area 6 Project convener

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