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“CONGRATULATIONS!!!” we all yelled in unison as Pooja opened her bedroom door.

“Wow. What is this??!! THANK YOU” gushed Pooja as she realized it was a surprise congratulatory fellowship for her National Presidency of Ladies Circle India.

One of us. One of BULC 96. How proud are we! All the way from Bhilwara, and the first from Rajasthan, Pooja Galundia reminded us that nothing is impossible. As we all sat down to chill with Bacardi Breezers (in broad daylight – how cool!), our Mentor Minal Mukhija presented a fat scrapbook with photos of Pooja in all her Circling days at the local, area, and national level. This momentous book also included messages from Circlers and Tablers from all the world and ofcourse India. Cp. Shradha Mansinghka’s immense craftsy talent made sure that this book was a sure keepsake. Pooja blushed.

The idlis and sandwiches were passed on and then in the spotlight was Cr. Neha Mansinghka with an absolutely gorgeous poem so apt for Pooja. A little teary but with great happiness, Pooja was taken by surprise. She blushed.

As more Breezers clinked, Cr. Meenu Beswal set the tone down memory lane (Pooja didn’t know that she already had a tet-a-tet with HT. Sudeep , her darling husband regarding a history lesson for Pooja’s past Circling years.) What was Pooja’s favourite part of Circling, what was the least favourite, any post she would have wanted to visit or revisit, etc. Was asked to all the girls. Let’s see how many of us really know her. As the answers were shouted out, Pooja also threw light upon her experiences and emotions. “It was Devanshi (her daughter) who convinced me to come this far and shine like a star”. She blushed.

We all laughed a bit, shared a bit, and felt a bit. Here was our very own Pooja who not only is at the top of LC India but is also our dear friend. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the movement is an admiration and we all are in awe of her. Way to go Pooj! She blushed.

“Thank you guys so much for all this. Your support means the world to me and I am here only because of you.” She hushed.

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!

Meenu Beswal
HRD Convener
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and Give it Your Best Your Way!


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SLC 72 Independence Day Celebration

Dear Circlers,
Happy 67th Independence Day
The dawn of 15 th Aug. was special… for one it was the dawn of our freedom and second my daughter mentioned that the weather was so beautiful the moment she opened her eyes, in the car. Yes amidst rain we all headed towards the Uttar Buniyaadi school in Variav where we were invited for Flag Hoisting. In the past we have built classrooms in this school.
All the students assembled on the ground and sang patriotic songs after which flag hoisting took place.The students also performed dance on several patriotic songs.
The toilet block renovated by slc 72 was again renovated and inaugurated by L& T on this occasion.
The school authorities served us poha and tea . But as per our tradition we all went to Gopal Locha and had Locha, a famous surti dish.

Enjoy the freedom……..and
To your country …………
Give your best……. By believing in yourself,
Hand in hand lets move…….EK LAKSHYA KI ORE……..Together

Cr. Swati Sethi
Project Convenor- Slc72
2013- 14

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