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Our Janmashtmi fellowship started off with a burst of vibrant colors from the bright marigold décor to the lovely lehenga and dhoti’s of our tiny Radha & Krishna’s.

We kickstarted the event by Cr. Diya lighting the “Diya” J and reciting the Mahamantra with the chidren swift to repeat after her.

Twinkler Dhruv read a story narrating the birth of the natkhat balgopal followed by Ashna singing a melodious bhajan.

Cr.Preetika had an impromptu quiz for the kids which was answered by all twinklers in chorus.

Twinklers Rhia and Ashna respectively performed a kathak dance to a traditional tune and finally we broke the matka piñata filled with a twist of chocolate delights instead of the traditional makhan.

We ended this beautiful celebration with a delight of potluck treats and mouth watering pedas as bhog to the mischevious and mighty Manohara!
Twinklers present: Aum,Vansheeka,Ashwika,Dhruv,Ashna,Simren,Kiara,Khushi,Samaaira,Kanav,Rhia and guest Inara.

Kanhhaiya hamare dulare,

Wahi sabse pyare,

Makhan ke liye jhagad jaye,

Gopiya dekhkar akrshit ho jaye,

Lekin sabke rakhwale,

Tabhi to sabhi ke dulare

Happy Janmashtmi….

Twinkler Convenors: Cr. Preetika Sarin & Cr. Shveta Mehra


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Girlies it’s project update now…so here’s it for u . well to be frank with hesitation in mind I asked both the city circles for their cooperation towards a joint project… The CPs of other circles were so sweet that a sec was enough to decide for their presence n involvement on the National Sports Day project arranged in lotus orphanage in conjunction with the national theme"Khelga India Bhadega India". We all decided after putting forth in the Floor with the circlers and then gave the final green signal. Most of us did a good deed to the environment by car pooling and all reached the venue. Once all were gathered we started the project with the happy little hearts saying a prayer and later handed over the cheque and the amount to the sister in charge. The total cost of the project was Rs.32,000 of which each circle contributed Rs.6000 with outside contribution of Rs.10,000 from our beloved Hon.Cr.Lakshmi Siddharthan, along with the sponsorship of Rs.4000 and old playground equipments from the Golden gates correspondent Mrs.Meena Sethu. It was real kind of Mrs.Meena Sethu to sponsor the old playground equipments which were refurbished and given today to Lotus Orphanage with a in house population of 75 children all going to different schools.
We were very happy to see the playgrounds equipments installed already and the children were even happier to play in it to their hearts content… Guess each circlers hearts was full n overflowing with joy to see the happy faces and few of them said thanks Akka for giving us these things .. I was almost in tears and my heart poured out to their innocent and sincere thanks. Im happy and proud to say that it seriously gives me a kick when I enjoy the smiles on their faces n definitely nothing more can or could out do that feeling that very moment …
Well just before we were leaving the sister who runs the orphanage revealed to us about the sincere efforts going on in the construction of the building and how people from different countries help and the most amazing thing was the lands belonging to the orphanage was mostly hers or donated by her relatives to her… That seriously was truly amazing cause in such fast moving world where love n care is reducing seeing such generous hearts is rare and we applauded the sister for all her efforts and wished all the best n encouraged her service and gave her our full support…all the circles left with only a few remaining in slc28 we instantly planned for an ex tempo HRD since we had our well versed n ever ready Cr.kavitha who could cook up anything in a minute she had to just tap that part of her brain n there it will be … So we asked the available children to gather around n Cr. Kavitha gave an excellent HRD on "Take a minute daily to Tap your Memory". She made it interactive by asking the children to reply n guessings answers. She spoke about long term memory and short term memory and how to train their brain to be active and what all games they can incorporate daily to keep the memory active n about all the methods they could use to improve in remembering what they study and about concentration and a whole lot of things… Omg I guess I have to tap my memory for more information on what she took… Seriously so soon I forgot everything n guess I have to take down her tips to improve my brain…
All the children enjoyed the fun and useful HRD n we thanked the sister for giving us this opportunity… So here’s what we did on national sports day with a special touch of HRD too…

Cr.Deepa ArunChairperson Slc28
Mob:94422 15050


Believe in Yourself – To Spread Love, Hope & Happiness

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Le Pondy ….Our Beach Party ….For this beach there is much that has been revealed.
soft waves ripple the water ,so our heart.
still remember the way we were holding hands n laughing to glory. twinklers were playing with their sandpit.
Tablers in n around water. The beach volleyball amongst us,was real fun.

The sparkled, white grains of sand, that blanket …
this beach, has been a bed of comfort, for all of us .


Cr. Sudha Rajesh

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Dear Friends

“In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory there is a glory to be found if one has done his best.”BNLC14 on the ‘’ National Sports day’’ did the project ‘’KHELAGA INDIA BADHEGA INDIA’’ at the Patel public school where we distributed Footballs and Volleyballs. The children were very excited to receive the same and the smiling faces holding the football says it all. A small HRD in English was given on the importance of sports in our life and the history behind the National sports day.



LMF Cr. Smita Jain




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On the occasion of the National Sports day, the members of Rourkela Ladies Circle 120, donated sports equipments for the benefit of 120 students of Home and hope, a school for the differentially abled students. This humble effort taken by the members of RLC120 is to encourage sport activities within the school and promote the motto of “ Khlega India Bhadhega India”.
please refer to the link – http://disabrkl.blogspot.in/ to go through the publicity with picture on the blog for disabled in rkl updated by home and hope covering our donation.

Ankita Agrawal
Project Convenor
IPC Rlc 120 & Greeting convenor Area4

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After the final reporting and agm sessions of SMRT-155 & SMLC-102 it was time for partying.

All the circlers celebrated Friendship Day after the AGM session by tying bands.

Also it was Tw. Hetvi’s Birthday on that day so it was celebrated by cake cutting and post party and dinner.

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15th August being our Indian Independence Day was quite an auspicious day to begin a year with a project.

1. The day started off with flag hoisting at Sachin Bal Aashram Shala with the school children, staff and dignitaries like mr. Narottambhai Patel (former MLA), Ms. Geetaben (former mayor) of Surat. It was followed by a speech by Mr. Narottambhai and few performances by the school children.

2. Smlc-102 donated Sports Equipments to the Sachin Bal Aashram Shala which the children really needed as a source of entertainment after their tiring school hours. Cricket bats & balls, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, basket ring and ball, footballs (also one sent by the national board), volleyballs, flying discs, skipping ropes and carom board were donated.

3. Smlc-102 also donated tube lights to the school due to the dim lights in the school.

4. It was our tw. Aarohi’s birthday and it was her wish to celebrate her special day with the children of the school by distributing chocolates and wafers to them.

Cost of Sports Equipments Rs. 5200

Cost of Tube lights Rs. 2000

Cost of sweets Rs. 6000

Number of beneficiaries : 250 students

Number of circlers present : 7

Number of twinklers present : 4

Total cost of the project Rs. 13200.

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