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After giving Dj s Gangnam Style, Shahrukh Khan gave us the Lungi Dance from Chennai Express –

Coincidentally, came an indigenuous idea from our very own “Mappilai” of the Table Mr. Rathan Rajmanickam (the host) to have a South Indian style Charter Nite – Apart from the Lungi s of the men, something more twisted was planned – our very own Bollywood Karaoke session with the old timers in Namma ooru Chennai !

Prima facie, this probably isn’t something unique or exciting to write about – these kind of things happen in LC India and RTI all the time! But I would want to share with you, how nostalgic this night turned out to be for each one of us. For the first time in the history of our Table, each one of our Tablers at MWRT 10 invested their precious time and saw meaning in personally inviting our Sq Legs from aeons before., belonging to MWRT 10. Almost unhesitatingly, or rather easily we had 25 Sq Legs from a different generation altogether confirming to be a part of the Charter Nite.

We had our Sq. Leg Mr. Tayalramani (almost 85 years old today) delighted to receive our invitation and was eager to be with us that evening, his only request being he was too old to drive and wanted one of us to pick him up! We had Mrs. Gobind Mahataney who came up to the podium to share that, she came to be a part of this evening as an uninvited guest (she was part of RT 1 – the Sponsor Table of MWRT 10) for the sheer joy of being with the others! The spirit and enthusiasm among each one of them, was truly infectious..

For me, the night was filled with touching as well as awe-inspiring moments, that only went on to show how huge the impact of the entire Tabling and Circling fraternity was and how the magic of this movement still continues..

Nothing can compare to the camaraderie, the sparkling conversations and enriched experiences that we exchanged with each other. It was a night that truly cannot be captured in words, but only felt straight from the heart!

I as a Circler of MLC 2 , I am indeed very proud to be associated with our table MWRT 10 for their sincere effort in being ONE with all of MWRT 10 family past or present doesn’t matter.. Rightly said, by our esteemed Guest of Honor Mr. R V Rajan, give this organization (RTI) your best and you would receive just like that ten folds more, if not more…” J

Cr. Divya Chetan


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Dear Friends,


BNLC14 & BNRT25 had their ‘’NUTRITION WEEK’’ project at the ‘’Cheshire Homes’’ an orphanage for disabled children on 1st september’13. We sponsored the mid day meal and distributed fruits and nutritious biscuits to the children. We had also organized an HRD session for them on healthy food and healthy eating habits. We had nutritionists MS Naveena and Mr Shej who spoke about the above topics. The session was really interactive as the speakers involved the kids in many activities while explaining them on good nutrition. Each children was asked to come up and tell their name with their favourite fruits. Many of the children could not speak due to their disability but still they came up and used sign language to explain the fruit and the others guessed. It was indeed very heart touching. The HRD people organized lots of games for these children which was real fun and which gave them a learning. Altogether a very satisfying day as it was fun watching these children with a big smile. The project was attended by 3 Circlers and 2 tablers. The project was sponsored by our Table AST Tr. Naveen raju & Cr.Akshatha.



LMF Cr. Smita Jain




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project dil se

DMLC 89 Charter Day Project where each circler did a project close to her heart ; Dil Se. Total Projects done were 20 worth Rs. 152450

Priyanka Aggarwal
Secy- DMLC 89

project dil se.xlsx

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SLC 72 Janmashtami Celebration

GO GO GO GOVINDA…….. Govinda Ala Re Ala……. On the very next day of Janmashtami, such cheering noise is heard in various part of cities of India, encouraging the participants in forming the human pyramids to break the eathern pots hung high in air. The sport is based on the legend of Lord Krishna who during his childhood stole Makhan (butter) or Dahi (curd) from Handis and distributed it among its friends. Lord Krishna is the most adorable, mischievous son, the most romantic lover, the most compassionate friend. This Janmashtami, thus we at SRT135 and SLC72 decided to celebrate, a day before, the various aspects of Krishna.

Tr.Manish and Cr.Pooja’s house was decided as the venue. The place was beautifully decorated as per the occasion. Twinklers dazzled in the attire of Bal Krishna and Radha whereas Circlers as Yashoda making the celebration livelier. Flutes were distributed amongst the Twinklers. Various games and Shlok recitation competition were held during the celebration. Each Twinkler was given a drawing sheet carrying various forms of Lord Krishna’s picture a week before the event.The twinklers turned up with the beautifully painted and decorated sheets on that day. This all was followed by breaking of DAHI HHANDI. It was really mesmerising sight to watch the Twinklers putting hard efforts in order to break the HANDI. The party finally came to an end after a sumptuous dinner comprising of a kids choice menu. It was all in all a fun filled celebration for all the Twinklers with explanation of the significance of the day.

“Give it your best by believing in yourself ”
Hand in Hand lets move,

Cr. Pooja Dhiran

SLC72 Twinkler Convenor (2013-14).

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Joint publicity event on 15th August

BURT 184 & BULC 96 jointly participated in the publicity event organised by a leading newspaper Dainik Bhasker.
At a public place we all stood with our Twinklers to sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM together….

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and Give it Your Best Your Way!

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Twinklers..Artistic Me & HRD

Date: 10th August

Our most enthusiastic kids….and a day full of creativity and interaction with each other…
To celebrate the festival of Rakhi we organised a Rakhi making activity for our innocent Twinklers…
With all the craft material they sat and with the help of our circlers they innovated designs…
Our youngest twinkler Anirudh, without any help wanted to finish the craft…All the Twinklers did a good job.
Cr. Meenu our HRD Convener made the kids do the MAGIC WAND exercise….MIRROR IMAGE….Kids had fun copying each other they laughed n laughed…when asked they all wanted to b guided than leading…
Again they were made to sit in a circle for an interactive STORY TELLING game….one child started narrating the story and others followed from where it ended…Kids were amazing in creating the story beyond our imagination…

An afternoon full of creativity ended with lots of learning…

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and Give it Your Best Your Way!

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