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Festival Feast for Cancer children, patients & their attendants – Meal by BKLC 107 & BKRT 174

A full fledged breakfast before the start of the Ganesh Festival was arranged to start the festivities at Kidwai Oncology Hospital on the 9th of September to let the patients feel the festival atmosphere since food & festival go hand in hand in India. After Prize distribution a lunch feast was arranged comprising of tatte idli, kadubu, modak, puliogyre, curd rice, ragi ganji, sweets, ladu, khirni, mixture packet….& a personal Ganesha as gift …..after sometime this was followed by tea n evening snacks….. A total of more than 900 people were given a satisfying meal at the Ganesha Celebrations organised along with SK foundations & Lions Club. A day well spent with happiness.
Total Project Cost – For 900 people – Rs. 65,000
BKRT 174 & BKLC contributed equally for Rs. 3000

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107


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LIOR SUCHARD THE MAN HIMSELF . MMLC4 With MMRT3 Is all geared up for the MEGA FUNDRAISER on 29th September at Venkatasubba Roa Auditoruim.

Blow your mind

Wouldn’t you be shocked if someone could just look into your eyes and read every thought running through your mind? Did you think that was possible? Well, Lior Suchard makes the impossible seem so easy… yes, he can not only read minds, but can entrance you with his spell bounding show. Known as the Mentalist, this mega entertainer with supernatural powershas wowed audiences across the globe and now, he’s going to enthrall us right here in ‘namma Chennai!’

The Madras Mylapore Round Table 3 and the Ladies Circle 4 bring to you this mind-boggling show by Lior Suchard, which is guaranteed to leave you speechless for a while. Celebrities like Lionardo Di Caprio, Zac Efron, Gerald Butler among others around the world have been enthralled by his Supernatural act. Some say is magic, while he insists it’s just simply his ability to read minds.

Lior Suchard is from Isreal and his outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him fame worldwide and special acclaim from members of the public to the best- performing CEOs worldwide. Lior relies on full audience participation to perform supernatural feats far beyond telepathy and mind reading. He uses members of the audience to perform his acts, interacts with them and elates their senses by taking them on an exciting adventure built on drama, tension and astonishment doused with a huge sprinkling of humor, comedy and fun.

Lior’s excellent ability to draw out the comedy of each act makes his audience instantly warm to him. Once audience member said, "It’s not just the mind-reading that blows you away, but he just has a way of connecting with the audience that makes him instantly loveable." Lior circulates among the audience and performs close-up shows using personal belongings to demonstrate feats that defy explanation and occur right beneath their eyes. Cards become airborne, wristwatches stop and then start working again and articles vanish only to reappear again. By performing in such an intimate way with his audience members, he ensures a personally tailored and interactive experience that leaves his audience members truly buzzing with awe, as one audience member testified, "What I just saw defies any kind of human explanation – incredible!"

Whatever the nature of his performance, Lior provides a truly thrilling and unforgettable show.

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“Best chairperson area 5 ” sounds cool isn’t it !!
My birth ….. My university gold medal …My love n marriage … My kids ….my induction as a circler …. My tenure as a chairperson 96 ,2012-13 …. Finally d Best Cp trophy along with d Best Circle Trophy !!!!!
Believe it or nt I put it all together and I consider it all together as one leading my life touching d worthwhile stage !! Undoubtedly circling is the air I breath and d smile I wear :))
“We cannot count the stars bt we do knw how matchlessly beautiful is it to look at them n adore them ”
…. I can’t express what circling has imbibed in me bt definitely changed me to a far better person .
The plethora of this institution of love ,meaning , life and worth has been immortal and eternal ….., my gorgeous frnz of 96 … gave me a super surprise celebration delight at Brewberrys on the 8 th of september jus after the awards for best cp n balance activity 12-13 were bagged by 96 along wit a long list of appreciations …… celebration didn’t stop here .So ven our national president Pooja got wit her d awards n appreciations straight frm Agra , our enthusiastic bunch team 96 decided to party again on the 11th at hangout joint with a wholesome strength n d awards to be taken away right frm a hands of the president !!

the real achievement is d joy n contentment each and every circler had that day while they saw the awards . They knew it did nt come easy ; every single circler directly or indirectly contributed magnanimously to dreambig and make it happen. The circlers of 96 truly believe in sharing and spreading d happiness while working together as a team ….thts how they define circling !!
Our nat prez Pooja with her heart full of pride gave away the awards for d best cp , balance activity award , d com for our stunning secy cr. sandhya n ravishing VC cr. rashmi for her efforts at area level and appreciations for almost all d facets ….. while all d criclers as team cheered for 96 n eventually came forward for d appreciations .
Our very warm chairperson Cr.Shradha surprised all of us with a cake cutting state of art moment bringing me to an emotional aura !! Our loving secretary Cr Namita kept taking pictures to perfection !! All the circlers had a personalize msg for me , Sandhya n Rashmi which they expressed wonderfully . I was made hugely special n exceptional but to be honest god made me special because m surrounded by such affectionate and super human beings “my circler frnz at 96 “!
“Thank you “stands no where n holds no gravity when it comes to my expression towards d celebration in honor of the awards … The selfless service and frnship showered by all as a circler together as a team takes 96 to an elevation par excellence and a circle which has been creating a difference and will continue to archive milestones !!!
“Bhilwara united ladies circle 96 ” u rock !!!!

Lots of lov n only lov
Krishna Rathi

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!
“Circling Out Of Love”

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