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Hi Friends
“kesariya Balam Padharo Mahare Desh”… the invite said it all!
Our secy Lmf Cr Smita Jain & Tr Risabh hosted a Rajasthani theme social on 15th Sept 2013 at their club house. Preparations started a week before with personal phone calls keeping in mind “Manvaar” an extremely important tradition of Rajasthan.
The day arrived, we were greeted by the couple & their kids, everybody dressed up in traditional attire. Tilak was done with “Padharo Sa! the whole club house was decorated with Bandhini Dupattas, Gaddas, Bangles etc. We had a Rajasthani singer who sang some beautiful songs & knowing family of Bnlc14 & Bnrt 25 , we couldnt help shaking our legs. Girls performed “ghumar” with PERFECT coordination , without any practice. Tablers were seen sporting “GHUNGHAT” style dancing! Kids were looking lovely in their traditional attire & proudly showcasing their mehendi hands.
What followed was a sit down lunch, with lots of Manvaar, Jalebis round after round…
Awesome family fun!
Just penned down a poetry on Sundays hosting, the memories of which are still alive in the heart and the taste buds.

We all DANCED along.
To the SINGERS, melodius old hindi song.
MEHENDI added to the colorful afternoon.
Why do GOOD TIMES fly so soon.
Time to satiate the hungry bunch.
It was a sit down RAJASTHANI LUNCH.
Khane se jyada hum sab ko mila PYAAR.
Kahin nahi dekhi aisi MANVAAR.
Take a bow RISHAB/SMITA the host.
What a party,What a party DOST!

Also pls enjoy some unedited videos made!



LMF Cr.Rashmi Giria


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To mark International Literacy Day BCRT172 BCLC105 on 8th September jointly donated 32 nos. of Notebooks, pencil boxes (that includes pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons) at Desire Society, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

Notebooks and stationeries are essential to learn and write. The pleasure in children faces showed the interest in their studies. Tr. Anil Maloo, Tr. Nalin, Cr. Rashi, Prospect Aarti and Tw. Aarav attended the project.

Total Beneficiaries: 32 children

Cost of the Project: Rs.3000/-

Cr. Gunjan Dinodia

Secretary, BCLC 105


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Puppets really engage and delight children. Watching them is in itself a form of art therapy for the audience.

Children are often fascinated by puppets and interact strongly with them, which can lead to an overcoming of shyness and fear and greater use of speech. The interaction also encourages concentration and use of the imagination.
Bangalore Knights Ladies Circle 107 & Bangalore Knights Round Table 174 organised an hour long puppetry musical “The Magic Hour of Puppetry” by Dhaatu Puppet Theatre on sunday, the 15th september at Rangasthala on M.G. Road.

This was also an initiative to get children know the Rangoli art centre in the heart of city specially made by the government with a primary object to provide arts, craft, cultural, and recreational facilities for the city of Bangalore & has Nagara Pete where handmade art and craft products are showcased, chillipilli – children interactive play area with large “Snake & Ladder” play equipment for children. It also has interactive fountains. There is also an ongoing display the paintings done by children from various schools….Apart from this there are art galleries, walk ways, friendship point, workshops & demo going on
The children assembled at around 4.00 p.m. and proceeded to the AC Auditorium, the stage was set with super cute puppets all ready to entice their little audience with their parents & grandparents. The show started with a welcome song in local language…teaching the children our culture then went on with Ganesha stuthi & story of Ganesha visarjan, Brides of south India, Chineese puppetry with dragon, an english puppetry piece from movie Sound of Music & ended with a vandana by a child puppet…The 45 minutes show was absolutely delight for the children & adult alike along with being superbly engrossing, entertaining & informative too. Few children wanted to go on the stage to touch the puppets & it took lots of persuasion from the parents to keep them in their places 🙂
After the show ended the children were allowed an hands on experience with the puppets to their sheer delight. The lucky kids who were brave to be on the stage got this wonderful opportunity.
Thanks to Ms. Anupama & their faculty for their faculty for this magical experience !!!!
Few children went on to explore the puppetry exhibition ” The puppets of the world” , few went out to play at the chillipilli. Total of 85 children & elders enjoyed the evening. Few who missed out on the 4.00 p.m. show went on to attend the next show.
Many Thanks to Area 6 Chairperson Cr. Manasi for coming all the way from Tumkur to attend the Fellowship.
Thanks to Tr.Ranbir & Cr. Simar who sponsored the entire show to spread the magic in the air.
Thanks to LC 5, LC 19, LC 31, LC 36, LC 54, LC 66, LC 105, LC 107, LC 115, LC 122 for their super enthusiasm in showing your support for the event making it a huge success.

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107

email i.d. khushboonagpal@yahoo.com


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The puppet show which was organised by BKLC 107 & BKRT 174 on the 15th of September was a huge success with the children….They loved it !!!!
The Circle & LCIndia standee was put outside the auditorium where the show was held. The Auditorium is situated on the M.G. boulevard , on the main road which is also a prime tourist location of bangalore which culminates to the famous M.g metro station. This stretch specially during weekends is used by lots of visitors, tourists for spending their weekends….the standee was left there even after the event till the closing time evening 7.00 p.m. Needless to say created lots of curiosity & queries before, during & after the show about what is Ladies Circle India

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107

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