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Our Cr. Poonam and Tr. Vishal had Ganeshji residing in their home for all the ten days of Ganpati. They invited the entire Surat Metro Table and Circle Family for the visarjan on 18th September to take place from their home. Not all but a few of us could attend it but it was a fun filled experience for all, as a small puja and aarti were conducted at their home when the tablers, circlers and twinklers gathered at their place. Cr. Poonam took care that all had taken Ganpati Bappa’s Prasad and then all headed forward for the visarjan at the nearby riverbank. All sang Bappa Moriya songs in full zeal and enthusiasm and also prayed for his next visit very soon.


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Smlc-102 Power Of 10 Project


This project was initiated by BKLC 107 and so carried out by Cp.Cr. Khushboo Nagpal firstly on 4th September.

Project 1 – Believe in yourselves that wishes do come true –

175 children were asked for their wishes which they wanted to be fulfilled if given a 100 Rs. Note, this was done almost one week before the project & then they wrote their wishes on a piece of paper…These were then bought & given to them. Each gift was personalised with a hand written note. The wishes varied from remote control car with colors of their choice, dolls, watches, bikes, drawing kits, tennis rackets , cricket kits, ball, fm radio, videogame, coloring books, pencils, story books etc.


This is a Joint Venture of the chairpersons of BKLC 107, AHLC 113, MLC 82, TLC 44, CLC 74, CSLC 83, PLC 40, MHLC 109, SMLC 102 & AFLC 111 for their belief that we can do projects jointly & many thanks to Nat.Editor Cr. Namrata because of whom the bonding for this project started.

Circle contribution – Rs. 2000

Total Project cost – Rs. 20,000 (2000 per contributing circle)

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The Ganesh Festival is celebrated for 10 days starting from Ganesha Chaturthi , the birthday (rebirth) of god Ganesha, and ending up with Ganesh Visarjan.

One of the tale tells of about the race held between the brothers- Kartikeya and Ganesh to complete three rounds of the earth first , for taking up as the leader of gods or Ganaadhipati .Kartikeya seated on a peacock as his vehicle and ganesh on a rat started off for the test. Ganesh reverently paid obeisance to his parents and went around them three times and thus completed the test before Kartikeya. The logic given was that “my parents pervade the whole universe and going around them, is more than going round the earth.”he thus came to be known as ganadhipati or Ganapati.

This became the perception of our Ganpati fellowship “BHAAG MUSHAK BHAAG” this year.
On early Sunday morning of 15th ,September the Trs and Crs gathered at my place for the same. All were acknowledged with a Ganesha Pin. The dress code was anything in Orange resembling to that of Lord Ganesha. All were distributed into 5 teams consisting of 2 Trs and a Cr. Even twinklers were also included in few of them.

The rules of the event were explained as under:
Ø Each team was provided with 10 clue cards explaining characteristics of any of the 10 41ers.
Ø The team had to guess the 41er and reach their home.
Ø On their visit to 41er’s home they had to greet them, had a snap of the whole team with them and collect a piece of puzzle from them.
Ø First piece of puzzle was provided to the team during the flag off of their car and the Last ie 12th piece was to be collected at the concluding point.
Ø Once the team had collected all the 12 pieces of puzzle, they had to complete the puzzle and submit it.
Ø The team which completed the task first was the winner.

The event turned out to be more thrilling and fun-filled than imagined during the making of it. The enthusiasm and involvement of all the 41ers was high throughout the event and even after.Even all the participating Trs and Crs felt the same. It also turned out to be a perfect blend of team effort, jelling between Trs and Crs including 41ers.

The culmination of the event was followed by birthday celebration of SLC72 CP Cr.Monica Rathore and First man of SLC72 Tr.Bhavesh Rathore who shared the same date followed by breakfast wherein all 41ers, Trs, Crs and Tws enjoyed together.
Some post event comments from 41ers, Trs and Crs on WhatsApp :

Concept-Innovative,Efforts-Die Hard,Execution-Perfect, Fun-Superb,Participation-Fantastic,Result-Benchmark as usual of SRT-135 & 72
The gratitude shown by the Table & Circle for 41ers- no words
The correct understanding of core values makes 135 & 72 ,unique and special.
Really Appreciate the fantastic work of FC’s & the team
Darshan Parekh(41er)
Bhag mushak Bhag was excellent in terms of novel idea,efforts n proper execution..only little hitch was tht participants should hv spent m ore time wid 41ers
Vikas Khator (41er)
Innovative idea for fellowship, great efforts & lots of fun.
Priya Khator (Past Circler)
A unique idea which was executed to perfection ….
It was a wonderful blend of fun, fellowship & bonding which was very relevant to the current festive mood…
Bhag Mushak Bhag made Sunday morning really interesting…
Fellowship is being taken to a new high in Tabling at Surat by our Fellowship Convenors who are going strong with all pistons firing !!
Mickey (41er)
It was a great experience n we enjoyed to d fullest . As It was a Sunday wanted to get up late n but bcoz it was ur fellowship so had to cum . Aapki creativity or ideas ko salaam . Hats off to u . I think this year all the fellowships happening r d best. Keep up d spirit . 3 cheers
Cr.Ratika Bhatia (SLC 72)

“Give it your best by believing in yourself ”
Hand in Hand lets move,

LMF Tr. Manish Dhiran & Cr Tanushri Kansal
Fellowship Convener SRT-135 & SLC-72



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Going with the National Initiatives we at Surat Metro Ladies Circle got a chance to distribute some food stuff to the children of our adopted school Sachin Bal Aashram Shala. The details are as follows:

1) Distribution of bananas, biscuits & bread and butter to 260 resident students and their teachers, the cost of which was Rs. 3200

2) There is a staff of 9 teachers and 6 resident caretakers in the school and we felicitated them by giving sarees to the female staff and kurta payjama to the male staff, the cost of which amounted to Rs. 3200.

3) Due to awareness for sanitization in this world we donated sanitary napkins to the younger girls ( 60 girls approx) of the school which will last them for a year, the cost of which is Rs. 3000.

6 circlers from Smlc-102 attended the project and Cp. Cr. Monica Rathore from Slc-72 also graced the occassion with her presence.

The total cost of the project was Rs. 9400.

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A small non FTE project was done jointly by RT34 and LC46 to celebrate the success of AAGM of Area IV. Dinner was served to residents of the old age home.
Following is the report compiled on the same by Tr Abhishek Bhaiya.

Posted by
Aditi Dhelia

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Maggie – bas 2 min – HR CPLC46

The hr this time was again something with a different beat. Matching the steps with the nationals it was a two min talk but with a showcase of the hidden talent. Aditi Dhelia was the speaker this time and she being a
CA, opened and shared her inputs about the profession. What is an Assessee, how to pay tax and ways of paying taxes, heads of income etc were thrown light upon. The house of Lc 46 witnessed and admired a brief of her talent.
Very informative yet a small 2 min helped her to overcome the hitch to speak infront of a large group. As the hr convenor called it-It was a yummy maggie hot and sweet. Written by
Kshama Bagla
HR Convenor
Posted by
Aditi Dhelia
IT Web convenor

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