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BKLC 107 Supports the destitutes, Elders, Kids by giving medicines worth 10,000 every month which would be utilitzed for the most needy patients at the RVM Transit home for that month. This is an ongoing continuous project of BKLC 107 for the year 2013-2014 wherein every month a cheque would be issued towards the RVM Free clinic. The project is sponsored by Cr. Khushboo Nagpal.
Putting our hearts up hope to make a big difference in the life of these needy ones by a little initiative from us !!!!
RVM is a transit home, where the poor are taken from the streets and given shelter, food and clothing. They are later shifted to other homes or destitute centres, kids are given education, and elders get extra care and that rare thing called love.It has people who are later transferred to other homes. It might take two months or even longer.

There are doctors, nurses and administrative staff available at the hospital, who are actively involved in identifying and rescuing the needy during an emergency. All the residents of the Home are poor and destitute. They have either been neglected or abandoned by their families. Most of them have suffered some kind of trauma – physical, mental or emotional. A few of them are severe burn survivors among which are cases of domestic violence and accidental stove bursts. The Home also has acid-attack survivors and physically and mentally-challenged persons.

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107


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