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Dear Friends…

‘’JOY OF GIVING WEEK’’- lets spread a smile……

‘’PUT OUR HEART UP’’….BNLC14 celebrates 21 shades of Joy. 2nd Oct being starting of joy of giving week, we girls decided to bring joy in the lives of people around us..Each Circler was asked to identify a cause and do our bit in whatever way possible. With great pride penning down….

1. Cr. Smita distributed grocery worth Rs.2100

2. Cr. Ritika gave mid day meal worth Rs.3000 at orphanage

3. Cr. Jyoti donated Rs.21000 at Mahavir jain hospital for dialysis.

4. Advisor Anjali donated books uniform worth Rs.2000

5. Cr. Nidhi gave clothes and Rs.1100 for maids child education.

6. Cr. Varkha gave school bags and water bottles

7. Advisor Deepa gave Rs.1100 to servant as they are the ones who does maximum for us.

8. Cr. Priya gave Rs.1000 for medical treatment of a needy

9. HC Nidhi distributed toys books blanket worth Rs.7500 at the slums

10. HC Lakshmi gave ration worth Rs.1000

11. Cr.Akshatha gave bags and saree worth Rs.1100 to the maids.

12. Cr. Raina gave medicines worth rs.1000

13. Advisor Ranu gave quilt worth Rs.500 to a needy

14. Cr. Madhuri gave purse Rs.950 to her maid

15. Cr. Rashmi fulfilled the wishes of helping hands in her house…pizza, movie tickets, Sarees, Shirts, recharge etc..

16. Cr. Atika treated needy children worth Rs.1500

17. Cr.Sonal gave her servant new clothes and cash.

18. Prospective Leena distributed grocery worth RS.4600 to 5 labour

19. Prospective Bhavana distributed 4 sweaters worth Rs.2400 to sweepers and colony watchman

20. Cr Zainab gave cosmetics to her maid

21. HC Nisha gave new clothes for a little girl..

Small thing can make big difference-happiness on their faces and ours too…



LMF Cr. Smita Jain





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