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MMLC 70 & MMRT 95 twinklers HRD

A super HRD session was organized for twinklers of MMLC 70 & MMRT95 by our HRD con Cr Shivangi on 2nd October at ACP Shweta & AHT Punit Sampats residence OHANA…… The kids with the help of their partners ( moms ) had to replicate a scenery by drawing ….. 2 teams, so much noise n fun….. Kids where enjoying with the mothers and had a good time sketching out the drawing 😉

Live By Love
Namita Sayani


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Twimklers had a great time at the joint fellowship of MMLC 70 & MMRT 95 on 2nd october at ACP Shweta & AHT Punit’s residence OHANA…. with loads of games, masti n fun….. Playing Snooker, Swimming, Soccer ,hide n seek and having fun with eachother….. they enjoyed all day long, and refused to go home …. we moms had a tough time convincing them to go leave 🙂

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MMLC 70 & MMRT 95 joint Fellowship

MMLC 70 & MMRT 95 Joint fellowship on 2nd October celebrating Gandhi jayanti….. at our ACP Shweta & AHT Punit Sampat’s residence OHANA ….. which looks like a mini resort….. enjoying to the core a day full of fun and masti, also celebrated HC Kirans birthday with yummy cake….. the food spread with kababs, tikkas, dosas , biryani , desserts ….. ohhh so much eating over chatting all day long. 🙂

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The Joy of Giving week is a time to share your joys with others…It can be a very simple gesture too…This is what Cr.Khushboo with her daughter Tw. jaanhvi & MIL Mrs. Roopa did, as we gave icecreams, choclates, biscuits to 20 workers children near our house. The children loved the treats.
Date 2nd October, Time 12.00 p.m., Cost Rs.500

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107

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