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Ek Lakshya ki ore …Together. On the path of Service with NP Cr. Pooja and Area 11 CP Cr. RICHA

9th October- the day dawned with a beautiful feeling that today we all circlers of SLC 72 will get a chance to walk hand in hand with our LCI President Cr. Pooja and Area 11 CP Cr. Richa who were with us in Surat that day. Along with them we all took a few steps believing in ourselves and tried to touch and bring in difference to some special lives thus moving Ek Lakshya ki ore ….. Together.

The discussions on Pooja’s travel plans, the follow ups, the long wait finally ended and I was all at station along with secretary Cr. Samta, Cr. Priti and hubby Tr. Bhavesh to give her a warm welcome. As we headed towards home we met ACP Cr. Richa mid way and finally moved together.

The day began with warmth at SMLC102 CP Cr. Seema’s residence where sumptuous Gujarati lunch was enjoyed by us in presence of Area 11 CM Tr. Jigar, few Crs from SMLC 102 as well as few tablers from SMRT 155.

Then we all proceeded to our first project of the day which was with the children of our adopted school ”Rundh Kendriya Shaala”. There we carried out our Nat. Pres. Cr. Pooja’s theme project ‘ Soles For Souls’. We distributed school shoes , 2pair of socks,2 pair of undergarments and a cup cake to 200 children of the school in the presence of Area 11 CM Tr. Jigar, SRT 135 CM Tr. Mukesh, SMLC 102 CP Cr. Seema, 41er 104 CM Vinay, circlers, past circlers, few tablers and 41ers. Also 12 pair of sports shoes were distributed to children playing sports at district level. We also donated a cupboard to the school. The entire project cost is approx. Rs. 45,000. The funds raised from our Fundraiser ‘Sangini’ at the beginning of the year were utilised in this project. The school’s organization, their excitement & the cultural upbringing of the kids there, all got reflected in the jubilant atmosphere which they created to welcome us, through the drum beats, self made bouquets, and beautiful dance sequences by the girls. Everything completely enwrapped us and won our hearts. The whole experience was very satisfying. Cr. Pooja’s soft appeal, her involvement left the children and staff there very happy and of course it had a meaningful impact on all of us.

Bright sunny day was followed by an inspiring noon when we attended the project ‘ Soles for Souls ‘ of SMLC 102 at their adopted school Sachin Ashram shaala wherein they donated footwear to 240 children and 14 resident teachers of the school. Also 24 pairs of sports shoes were distributed to children playing sports at district level. This was followed by their 5th circle meeting at Coffee Culture Restaurant. The meeting was a well planned affair, meticulously conducted by CP Cr. Seema.

From the hustle bustle of the entire day’s event we then took a final leap of the day to have our 5th meeting of the year in the presence of our esteemed guests followed by dinner at Beans Boy Kitchen Restaurant. Main highlights of the meeting were unveiling of Circle Flag, induction of prospective Reema, presentation of first quarter activities by secretary Cr. Samta, a short HRD on ‘ Are Diamonds your best friend’ by Cr. Swati, a short HRD on Nutrition by Guest Parul Bhatnagar, wonderful sergeanting as Radio Jockeys by VC Cr. Shweta & Cr. Meena, exchange of pins and momentoes, presentation of handmade beautiful chocolate bouquets and welcome cards to NP Cr. Pooja and Area 11 CP Cr. Richa by our twinkling stars and of course the inspirational words and motivating compliments by the LCI President Cr. Pooja and Area 11 CP Cr. Richa were the real icing to the cake.The inspiring noon was followed by an eventful evening. Dressed in our best anarkalis we all gathered at Turning Point for the inauguration of Traffic Booth. The booth was renovated with the logos of LC India and RT India. The inauguration was done by our distinguished guests Cr. Pooja and Cr. Richa in the presence of PI Shri Waghela along with his colleagues. The event also saw marked presence of our Circlers, Past Circlers, Tablers and 41 ers. The junction has a lot of traffic movements and will definitely gain maximum publicity during the year making the general mass aware of the existence of Round Table and Ladies Circle on a whole.

So very true- “A day when starts with determination, passes by with action, is bound to end with lot of satisfaction”.

Compiled by:

LMF Cr. Monica Rathore

CP SLC 72.


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The Ganesh Festival is celebrated for 10 days starting from Ganesha Chaturthi , the birthday (rebirth) of god Ganesha, and ending up with Ganesh Visarjan.

One of the tale tells of about the race held between the brothers- Kartikeya and Ganesh to complete three rounds of the earth first , for taking up as the leader of gods or Ganaadhipati. Kartikeya seated on a peacock as his vehicle and ganesh on a rat started off for the test. Ganesh reverently paid obeisance to his parents and went around them three times and thus completed the test before Kartikeya. The logic given was that “my parents pervade the whole universe and going around them, is more than going round the earth.”he thus came to be known as ganadhipati or Ganapati.

This became the perception of our Ganpati fellowship “BHAAG MUSHAK BHAAG” this year.

On early Sunday morning of 15th, September the Tablers and Circlers gathered at Tr. Manish Residence for the same. All were acknowledged with a Ganesha Pin. The dress code was anything in Orange resembling to that of Lord Ganesha. All were distributed into 5 teams consisting of 2 Tablers and a Circler. Even twinklers were also included in few of them.

The rules of the event were explained as under:

Ø Each team was provided with 10 clue cards explaining characteristics of any of the 10 41ers.

Ø The team had to guess the 41er and reach their home.

Ø On their visit to 41er’s home they had to greet them, had a snap of the whole team with them and collect a piece of puzzle from them.

Ø First piece of puzzle was provided to the team during the flag off of their car and the last ie 12th piece was to be collected at the concluding point.

Ø Once the team had collected all the 12 pieces of puzzle, they had to complete the puzzle and submit it.

Ø The team which completed the task first was the winner.

The event turned out to be more thrilling and fun-filled than imagined during the making of it. The enthusiasm and involvement of all the 41ers was high throughout the event and even after. Even all the participating Tablers and Circlers felt the same. It also turned out to be a perfect blend of team effort, jelling between Tablers and Circlers including 41ers.

“Give it your best by believing in yourself ”
Hand in Hand lets move,

Cr. Tanushri Kansal
Fellowship Convener, SLC-72

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