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We had Diwali celebrations at Vanita Shray girls orphanage today on 23rd oct We decorated the orphanage with Diwali decorations and also made Rangoli. We gave them diyas, crackers and Lanterns.
They were given big plastic and aluminium boxes to store their grains and other things as they were in desperate need of it. Diwali sweets, namkeen and a carton full of 20 packets of Choco pie were given for the girls to mark Diwali festivities.
Games were given for the smaller girls to keep busy during the holidays.
All the circlers of PCLC 81 donated old clothes and footwear to the girls which was requested by them earlier.

Total amount of the project done today was 5000/-



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Very well written aditi… too good..


On 22 Oct 2013 04:19, "Aditi Dhelia" <aditimodi> wrote:

CPLC46 celebrated Karva Chauth in style with a fellowship organized at Cr. Vidushi’s residence. The fellowship started with the felcons welcoming us with a smear of sindoor, a peck of perfume and beautiful bangles to adorn us and make us look more pretty. Mehndi was organized for all of us. The dress code was Rajasthani or leheria. The Circlers turned up all dressed to kill in vibrant colors, leherias, bandhani etc. The best dressed Circler was awarded to Cr. Madhuri with a close competition given by Cr. Madhu.

National fellowship Convenor Cr. Smita pinned Cr. Vidushi.
The afternoon progressed to games – one game we played whereby we had to put only red bangles from a tray full of colorful bangles in dandiya sticks which we held in one hand at the back. The winner was Cr. Neha Saraf with 22 red bangles in 2 minutes.

Another game was wherein we all were divided into a pair of two girls where one was to be a pose model and the other a designer and props were newspapers, scissors and stapler – so the designer had to dress the model with newspapers. The game turned out to be hilarious with models being dressed in sarees to gowns to halter top and skirts. The winner was the duo of Cr Payal(designer) and Cr Madhuri(model).

Then there was dance dandiya music playing throughout just made it perfect afternoon with friends.
Amazing food arrangements by Vidushi with sushi platters, falafel as starters followed by khowsuey, baked rice, swiss roll, fruit gateaux, brownies phew!!! We all had a sumptous stomach-full in the
run up to the fast.
A basket of organic sauces was given as token of love and blessing to all.
At the end of it all we were pretty ladies with Mehndi, bangles, sindoor and yes tummies filled with yumm food.
Thanks to our felcons Madhu Vidushi and Amishi for the amazing arrangements.
Lovingly on behalf of CPLC46, Wishing everyone a very Happy Karva Chauth.
Aditi Dhelia
IT&Web Convenor.

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