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PMLC-53’s Twinkling Diwali


This Diwali, we organized a fun-filled activity for our twinklers, during which they had to paint diyas and create beautiful floating candles. We brought round foam pieces from the market, covered them with golden paper and stuck tea-light candles and steel diyas on them, surrounded with mirror pieces and sequins of different shapes and colors. The kids were excited on seeing the variety of paints and sequins in front of them, and we enjoyed seeing them put their imaginations to use in making the diyas. This was followed by refreshing snacks. We then lit firecrackers along with the tablers, and proceeded for dinner at a restaurant. The kids were a bundle of energy and were delighted to see a beautiful cake with 3D Diwali print on it for them to cut and relish. Truly a memorable start to Diwali!


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