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With Diwali just being celebrated ….children love most is sweets…Tr. Arvind Dadu & Cr. Dineet from RT 96 & LC 66 spearheaded Area 6 project of “Kuch meetha ho jaye” wherein we distributed bombay halwa & balushah sweets to 2500 underprivileged children across different schools in bangalore
1. nirmala english primary school
2. St. Michael school
3. Aiyappan school
4. snehadeep Ashram
5. Manovikas kendra
6. Government school kodenhalli, whitefield
It was sheer delight on the faces of children…the excitement when we entered the class….Thanks for making this diwali special for them

Circlers attended – Cr.Kripa, Cr.Priyanka, Cr. Vasudha, Cr. khushboo, Cr. kanchan, Cr. Priti, HC Ashwini covered literarily all four directions in bangalore.
cost of the project – only efforts in distribution….love & happiness was the result 🙂

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107


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Celebrating International Girl Child Day (Oct 11) during the RTI Week – Bangalore Titans Ladies Circle 122, Bangalore Mid Town Ladies Circle 54 & Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 along with Rajapalayam- Sivakasi Round Table -158 from AREA 1 has jointly sponsored the education of a 5 year old girl child for one year. Cost of inter-area project Rs. 6000/-.

BTLC 122 – Rs 3000/-

RSRT – Rs 1000/-

BMTLC 54 – Rs 1000/-

BLC 19 – Rs 1000/-

Vaishali’s mother is a single parent, who works as a cleaner at the railway station. Vaishali is now 5 yrs old and hasn’t seen her mother for 2 months. On behalf of her, the foundation has thanked us for sponsoring her education for a year.

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