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Daandiya Social Night….
“Dholida dhol re vagad mare hinch levi chhe…..” Most alluring lines which anyone existing in Gujarat chant on the advent of Navratri season & festivities……
likewise i grew up amid the garbas…ras…dandiyas….dodhiyas down with the astonishing attires of girls swinging to the dholiyas tunes and beats… its a folkdance that requires no run through and effortless as everybody can swir and spinl to it.. Once into the surge you don’t wanna impede…
Strived to craft the unexplained, enchantment and replica of the same in BHILWARA… Our RAJASTHAN which is itself bursting with colours and customs & conducts… Merging these ethnicity had made me be in love with the concord and cachet of DANDIYA RAAS in APRO RAJASTHAN..
My buddies Krishna and Snehal were a part of this gala structured.. We had each featureof every facet minutely premeditated and executed. Krishna & Snehal had a exceptional excursion under the name of DANDIYA SOCIAL to Ahemdabad.. nadvertently all of we belong to Gujarat and that made us even more keyed up to host this event.
The menu from first course and reception sip to the desert had all GUJJU.. Theplas…ganthiyas.. idada.. dhoklas….gujarati samosas.. muthiyas and a lot more… lip smacking variant to fill up your mouth and tummy with plenty water…
The garbs were again conventional and customised chaniya cholis with katchchhi bharat embroidered extra ordinarily.. and lahriya and bandhani dupattas to cover off..while boys were in Kurta payjamas with colourful dupattas and gujrati topis…
The music to play dandiya and garba was yet again the famed kheliya and newest-hottest garbas tuned in Gujarat in the 9 days of carousing.. Our Social was on the 8th day of Navratri.. most striking day and…
Also the decor and ambience matched to the theme, to set the mood and on fire.. MAtkis… with candles… Bandhej saris.. puppets… with AMBE MATAJI’S portrait and rounded with all of us doing the garba with Khatlas to sit and hang on!!!
Again the games were also GUJJU.. A Special game with THEPLA..KHAKHRA & CHAKRI madde all go crazy.. We had winners for the Best dressed male.. Female.. Twinkler & Couple!!!
Its an honour to be a part of most wonderful social,how i wish all of LC INDIA can once be together for a GARBA RAS… and i love Gujarat!!!

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!
“Circling Out Of Love”

“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and Give it Your Best Your Way!


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