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DIWALI DHOOM MELA our JOINT Mega Fund Raiser of the year with BURT184 was held on 15th & 16th of October,2013.
It was a very successful event, after months of planning .. A meticulously planned event with lots of team work done by our circlers and tablers.. This exhibition has become a synonym for Bhilwara and people wait for it to happen. We had 42 STALLS including a food stall by a famous fast food joint “Hang Out”. People from Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bhilwara were there with varieties of kurties, designer sarees, Jewellary, Kids Accessories, Ethenic home decor, Wedding decor, etc.
The publicity before the event was done in both the leading newspapers of Bhilwara- Bhilwara Bhasker and Bhilwara Patrika.

RAFFLES- 176 Raffle books were sold in the city.The prizes were from worth Rs.10,000 to 3,000. The most attractive holiday packages were by CLUB MAHINDRA HOLIDAYS, PUSHKAR RESORTS, ARAM BAGH PUSHKAR, and so on.. A Raffle book was also sold to a fellow visiting tabler from Jaipur( he also won 😉 ). The raffle draws were done by NP Pooja.

SPONSORSHIPS- A letter with details about Round Table India, Ladies Circle India and our FTE Schools were given to all our sponsor’s to explain them the noble cause of the event.

The experience was overwhelming. The Inauguration was done by a Social worker Ms. Manju Pokharna with the presence of our esteemed NP Pooja. The lighting of lamp in front of Ganesha and to start with a prayer was an auspicious way. Well organised stalls looked bright and colourful.

A PRIZE was given to BEST ORGANISED STALL by NP POOJA to a lady with hand made Diyas from Mumbai.

Pouring in crowd throughout the day was cherry on the cake for our event. People appreciated and visited both the days.

There were free ACTIVITES on both the days for CHILDREN walking in with their parents and our TWINKLERS . There were FLOWER MAKING, JIGSAW PUZZLE, DART GAME, PAINTING COMPETITIONS, MEHANDI and TAMBOLA.
Kids were given certificates and prizes for the drawing competition. The enthusiasm was so much in our Twinklers that they were playing till the end of the day.

1.Well covered in nearly all the local newspapers of Bhilwara.
BHILWARA BHASKAR covered the news in half page of their paper. There was ad and news for three days continuously.
BHILWARA PATRIKA also covered back to back for four days our news and ad of the event.
2. Big BANNERS and nearly 40 POSTERS were put all over the city at various landmarks.
3. Both the days we wore PINS or RT/LC TSHIRTS.
4. 1,760 RAFFLES with national and table circle LOGOS were sold to people in the city.
5. TWINKLERS also wore there tshirt with logos.

This was our 9th DIWALI DHOOM MELA, first time jointly done with BURT 184.. The best and highest ever collection was done. All thanks to our tablers to join in hands and reaching to this goal. CHEERS! to all of us for showcasing “ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose”..

ONENESS…in thoughts, spirit n purpose!!
“Circling Out Of Love”

“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and Give it Your Best Your Way!


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MMLC 4 started the most awaiting RTI week with a beautiful worthwhile project at Little Sisters of The Poor Old Age Home, Harrington Road . It was a joint project with MMRT3 . We donated 1 Wheelchair
2 Diapers
3 Bed pan
4 Ration
5 Dinner for the 10thNov.
The project was worth Rs.35000
It was an excellent experience interacting with old people away from home , serving them thier dinner . Not only Tabler and circlers but Twinklers and Tabler s parent also attended the projects. With 25 heads at 5.30pm on 10th Nov 2013 we started RTI week with a bang.Looking forward for more worthwhile projects.

Prachi Shah
Secretary 2013 -2014
MMLC4 Area 2

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Mega Pink Power Project EMPOWER

Continuing Pink Power Project Empower (for Woman’s Equality Day Aug 26) – BCLC 36 & BTRT 222 jointly donated newspapers & magazines used to earn a living at Sandhya Kirana!

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Area 6 Project – From a Twinkler to a Non Twinkler – Part 3 (Tw Varenia donated her clothes and toys to a non-twinkler who needed it). Her message to the child is "Enjoy Maddi… Be happy!!" The donation was done at St Michaels Home (Baby orphanage + adoption center).

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