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17 November 2013 – Sponsored Bhavani

Celebrating International Girl Child Day (Oct 11) during the RTI Week – Bangalore Titans Ladies Circle 122, Bangalore Mid Town Ladies Circle 54 & Bangalore Ladies Circle 19, Bangalore Knights Ladies Circle 107 along with Rajapalayam- Sivakasi Round Table -158 from AREA 1 has jointly sponsored the education of a 5 year old girl child for one year. Cost of inter-area project Rs. 6000/-.

BTLC 122 – Rs 2

RSRT – Rs 1000/-

BMTLC 54 – Rs 1000/-

BLC 19 – Rs 1000/-

BKLC 107 – Rs 1000/-

From Jeevarathni – "

Bhavani was only 2 years old when she came to Jeevarathni but she was the most independent 2 year old we had ever seen. She eats everything that is put on her plate and is always asking for a second, sometimes third helping. Bhavani’s mother is separated from her husband and she has two daughters. Her husband is an alcoholic and she had to leave him as he would beat her and her children. Left with no alternative she has had to place both her daughters in children’s home, so she could find work and support herself.



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Area 6 publicity

BTLC 122 took part in the Area 6 publicity at Mysore Court Road. Thanks to Area Publicity Convenor for the wonderful initiative. The message on the hoarding says "Work to School" – Eradicate Child Labour and send Children Back to School!

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