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23 Nov – Flawless White!

Bangalore Titans were done doing numerous projects during the RTI Week, so we decided to have a goooood fellowship! Cr. Vimki & Tr. Rishab volunteered to have the potluck at their residence, provided we all dressed up in WHITE… and we all had a ball of a time! The starters were amazing and filled us enough to keep us rolling while waiting for the late-comers who were ultimately forgiven because of the sudden downpour! Nonetheless, we began with the famous dumb charades where everyone got a chance to act on a Hindi movie, many unheard of by some of us. Mind boggling! The twinklers ran around and played, creating a bond among themselves. Next was a game of two couples, where each had to answer questions about their spouse while facing their back to them. It was hilarious but also sweet when the men knew what their wives were wearing till the colour of the nail-polish on their toes! Then was the main game, anthakshiri, where Cr. Vimki gave us chits and asked the teams to play with variety! Hidden talents came out in the open when unexpected people started guessing the right answers! After an amazing spread for dinner and dessert, we sat for the remaining round of anthakshiri and later karaoke! Not forgetting the cutting of gulab jamuns at 12am by Birthday Boy Tr. Varun. All in all, it was a super duper fellowship!


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Bangalore Titans (LC122 & RT222) in collaboration with Studio Decode conducted an Architecture Workshop for students of 11th and 12th Grade, to help them get a glimpse of the profession, which in turn would help the student make an educated decision whether or not to enroll in Architecture after completion of 12th Grade. It is also for students to understand Architecture as beyond just art, but a combination of science, art and humanity.

The workshop was designed to have three main assignments all of which are hands on exercises. Since there were over 130 students, they were divided into three teams, each of them doing a different assignment during the three hours of non-stop learning!

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