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Dec 17&19 – Pre-Christmas Gifts!

INTER AREA – Joint project of Bangalore Titans LC 122/RT 222 (Area 6) & Rajapalayam- Sivakasi Round Table 158 (Area 1) where pre-Christmas gifts of 400 registers & 200 pens were given to 10th, 11th, 12th stds at Parikrma Schools in Sahakarnagar & Jayanagar. Twinklers Cameron, Varenya & Diya joined us in the donations and spending time with the kids of Parikrma School.


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Project Empower!

Dec 6 – Continuing Pink Power Project Empower (for Woman’s Equality Day Aug 26) – We, along with BTRT 222, jointly donated newspapers & magazines used to earn a living at Sandhya Kirana. Other things donated – Clothes, Table mats, Shawls. Twinklers Siksha and Cameron also joined us in the donation and spending time with the old women there. They both were showered with blessings from many.

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The time we spent together ,was most memorable ..
The days we live apart, are most dreadful
Our fights most dangerous ,love most wonderous
Not always together ,life keeps us apart
But our precious siblings,will always be in our hearts filled with love and sweet remembrances.

It was this feeling which gave birth to our Mega Social “Connection Ek Bandhan Pyaar ka” a fellowship very close to my heart. The fellowship was planned to spend some fun time with our siblings going back to their childhood .

The preparations for the event started a fortnight before the event with regular midnight meets of the 7host couples daily at Tr. Manish ‘s residence discussing the theme, arrangements and the smooth execution of the event. Once the theme , venue, dress codes etc got finalized we started with the dance rehearsals which was the most difficult part as most of us host couples are non dancers. But Hats Off to our Choreographer Ruchi who made us moved flawlessly on all the steps and we were all set to deliver never to forget our one of the best stage performance . One other choreographer was also hired who meticulously trained our already trained Twinklers for a number of spectacular performances. A beautiful invitation card was send to all the siblings as gesture of our love and affection.
Finally came the D day , Dec. 8th. A day to be remembered & cherished. The venue was a secluded farmhouse about 10 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As the evening passed the guests started flowing in, smartly dressed in blue & black. The presence of Area 11 Chairman Tr. Jeegar, Tablers & Circlers of City Tables & Circles and Members of Area Board added all shine ,sparkle and glitz to the evening.
The guests were welcomed warmly by the hosts and were pinned by a beautifully designed pin specially crafted for the occasion. The pin was made in 4 different colors and was randomly pinned to the guests,thus making out 4 Teams for Antakshari Competition. After the welcome and pinning , they were escorted for a family photograph and were then seated on beautifully laid out tables which made them feel so so special.
In due course of time the evening shone with the glitz of our special guests . It was at this point of time that our hired host for the evening, Trupti took charge and mesmerized everyone by her witty interactions .
The program started with the power packed Ganapati Vandana by our enthu young Twinklers followed by heart throbbing dance sequences by them. A movie presentation showcasing the inception, journey, efforts and appreciations of SRT-135 and SLC-72 was shown which truly captivated and enthralled all. Finally came the time for which everyone was waiting eagerly…. Dance performance by the host couples. The duos were looking stunning with the females dressed in their best Anarkalis and the males matching the color of their partners. Such flawless and vigorous was the performance that the audience could not restrain themselves from demanding once more.
A slide show was prepared from the collection of photographs of each tabler, circler and 41er with their siblings during their childhood time. The experience of each while going thru those wonderful past moments was amazing. The dance sequences, interactions, slide shows ,numerous fun games ,gifts for best dressed Couple …..the fun was non stop. To top it all finally was the Antakshari time with theTeams divided in 4 ,depending on the colour of their pins they were given as a token of welcome. Everyone present participated very actively with true sportsman spirit. Many gifts were awarded in each round with a final gift to the winning Team.
After a two hours of power packed yet emotional time spent the taste buds were tickled and satiated with the relishing Dinner.

Magical, exquisite n perfect is how I would sum this evening where emotions flowed unchecked, Sibling love encompassed all, eyes brimmed with tears and hearts filled with pride. Thanks to all my Tablers , Circlers, past Circlers, 41ers ,Twinklers & my co hosts Anurag Swati, Madan Rekha , Jigar Priti , Mukesh Meena , Manish Pooja , Amit Tanushri and of course my darling husband Bhavesh for this truly vibrant, emotional and memorable evening.

“Give it your best by believing in yourself ”
Hand in Hand lets move,

LMF Cr. Monica Rathore
CP, SLC-72

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A gift of eyesight by BKLC 107!!!!

A gift of eyesight is the best christmas gift anyone will receive
eye screening for 146 people with sight related problems , 26 patients cataract surgery was done at governement hospital mannur, a rural area in karnataka on 17th December 2013
The eye camp is arranged by BKLC 107 in association of srk foundation n lions club..
The 2nd eye camp will be conducted on monday 20th january screening followed by
surgeries done on 21st january by shraddha eye care , padnabham nagar. All patients were given precautionary dark glasses n eye drops

Cr.khushboo nagpal
“Believing in Spreading the fragrance of Oneness”
Chairperson, BKLC 107

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Jingle bells Jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh! What fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh… Hey !!!!!……

We all have heard lots of stories in our childhood. One story that always stands out is the story of an angle, The saint Santa. Numerous times, we have heard about his visits at all the homes in night when everyone is sleeping and distributing gifts to all the kids. Time changed , we grew up. But in our fantasies Santa is still alive. At times we still wish for that Santa to come in real and fulfil our dreams.

But friends it happened for real. All of a sudden the kids heard the melodies of jingle bells and rushed out of there rooms to see the whole commotion, and were Frozen!!!!

Santa was standing right in front of them with his two reindeers, with a large red bag filled with guddies, and gifts for them. Everyone got there own favourite. They danced and sang and played and had the time of there life.

To understand the extent of there believes in Santa, I will relate the story of one small girl who wrote a note in one of her notebook asking for a personal laptop and keeping it a secret between her and her Santa believing she is going to get it ultimately. When by chance the mother read that note, you can not imagine the feeling. The parents rushed to buy one for her immediately, as it was also a genuine demand. But before the Santa could come she fell asleep because it was her sleep time and she didn’t want to give a wrong impression to Santa. The Santa left her gift by her bedside, and in the morning when she saw her gift, she took out that notebook and showed it to her parents and told them that Santa is her personal friend. So, if they need anything, she is ready to help. That girl is my daughter Tw. Disha.

All thanks to Tr. Nishchay ( The Santa ) , Tr. Anand (reindeer 1 ) and Tw. Shourya ( reindeer 2 ) and the efforts of our Cr. Ritika for arranging all the things from costumes to the collection of gifts from all the parents. Yes friends, it was a joint effort of LLC-110 and Lrt- 188.

An eve that the children are never going to forget and will cherish always.

Cr. Charu Agarwal
Blog and Rendezvous Convenor LLC-110

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Dear Friends,

Never underestimate the difference WE can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. This week reach to someone that might needs a lift”…BNLC14 did its second Christmas project ”COMPASSION” at Mercy Home, a place for 50 destitute women. This place is run by a sister where we had some carol singing. We also had a Santa and distributed cake and snacks. We also gave away blankets, pillow, ration and toiletries!!!..Blessed we were…Yup Christmas is here. Cost of the project Rs.20000.



LMF Cr. Smita Jain




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Dear Circlers ,


“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can, In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can, At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,As long as ever you can.”
John Wesley

and that is the only way of “Spreading Happiness”. The Christmas carols and jingling of Bells symbolises the arrival of Santa with lots of Gifts, specially for the children and so we decided to celebrate this festival with the children of Paediatric ward in civil hospital and spread happiness.

We went to meet these small children after adorning Santa’s caps and gave away goodie bags which consisted of cup cakes, balls and chocolates to all the 80 children admitted in the ward. On this occasion we also donated an Almirah with soft toys and picture books to the paediatric ward authorities. The donated books and toys had stickers of Ladies Circle India.

The total cost of this project was Rs. 13,540.

Let’s continue to Spread Happiness by doing all the good we can and in return get the gift of a meaningful life.

Once again I wish you all a very merry Christmas .

Cr. Swati Sethi
Project Convenor 2013-14

Cr. Swati Sethi

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