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Superb fellowship by Bangalore Titans (LC+RT)! Danced like mad after ages!!!!


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Project Empower! – BTLC 122

Continuing Pink Power Project Empower (for Woman’s Equality Day Aug 26) – BTRT 222 jointly donated newspapers & magazines used to earn a living at Sandhya Kirana. Other things donated – Clothes, Table mats, Shawls.

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Area 6 Twinkler Project!

Area 6 Project – From a Twinkler to a Non Twinkler – Part 8 – Initiated by BTLC122 (Jointly with BCLC105/BMTRT219/BMTLC54 donated clothes, toys, quilts, baby bag, shoes, dresses to the baby non twinklers of St. Michaels Home).

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HRD- BTLC 122!

8 ways to wear a scarf! Cr. Vimki taught us to wear square scarves in 8 different ways. We had NEVER thought that scarves could be so useful. By the end of the course, each one of us felt that we NEEDED to own at least ONE scarf each!! Not much to write here as everything was shown in actions and the response was WOW!

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