Dear Nirali

Here’s a report from our recently concluded summer camp.

Hope u find it good to include it in t blog.

Kirti Mundra
Cslc 83
Secy 14 – 15



CCLC27 is happy to receive recognitions under the Chairperson ship of Cr. Sarita at the 46th NAGM of Ladies Circle India:

1. COM Projects2. COM Rendzvous
3. COM Best Secretary- Cr. Ruchi
4. COM Best Floor Couple- Cr. Kavita & Tr. Samir

5. Award Extension
6. Award balanced Activity
7. Award Best Chairperson- Cr. Sarita
8. Award Best Floor Circler- Cr. Kavita
9. Presidents special Award for Table Circle activities

LC27 has also received the following recognition for 14-15:

  1. Regalia Star – Cr. Nidhi Khetawat
  2. Star Secretary for Qtr1 & Qtr 2- Cr. Kavita

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the entire National board 13-14 and 14-15 for such encouragement and love to the entire team of LC27 for taking up Projects and Fellowship!!

Lets Rock the World Together!!

Cr. Kavita Agarwal
Secretary, CCLC 27

Fellowship Convenor, Area 4



Friends at LC46 did a fabulous job right from the A to the Z….. A three day extravaganza which will be cherished for years to come!! Personal touch in every nook and corner of the event, theme based food and lovely décor…. everything mesmerising!! The parties were one better than the other and we bonded so well !!! The NAGM sessions were impeccable… hats off to the National board for carrying it off so well…….

The presentations by both the National Secretaries- Cr. Prachi (13-14) & Cr. Kaveri (14-15) were nostalgic!! Kudos to the girls who take up such responsible posts!!!

LC27 girls truly enjoyed every moment of it!!

Thank you team band Baja Baraat for awesome memorable time!!

Lets Rock the World Together!!

Cr. Kavita Agarwal
Secretary, CCLC 27

Fellowship Convenor, Area 4

It was a day worth spent. We had a 3 in one event- meeting, fellowship and project on December 19th. We gathered for our 6th meeting and discussed the NAGM. Post meeting we had a super lunch fellowship with NHC Swati. She shared her views on Circling and bonding better, planning events etc. So I can call that actually a 4 in one event including HRD:)
Our Project Prerana was at Ideal school for Deaf. We donated classroom furniture for two of their classrooms. The project was very touching as we met a few people who were pupil of the deaf school and now selling their art & craft to earn a living. We also bought few things from their art mela. Though the talent is immense, its a huge task to showcase their art to the potential buyers. However the school is doing a fantastic job in their capacity.

Cr. Kavita Agarwal, CCLC27


Charter week at a glance!!!

PLC34 Charter Week Celebration!!!

26th- Joint Project, Joint Publicity and Joint Fellowship with our Charter circles LC 11 and LC 23
Bling it on – LAT hosted by Boobu n Kshama
28th- Just Bake-HRD on cake baking by Cr. Tina
29th- Cr. Neethu’s housewarming
30th- Twinklers Fellowship with HRD at Mc Donald
1st- World Aids Day project done- Cr. Savitha donated money to Aids patients
2nd- World Disabled Day Project
3rd- Table Circle Fellowship celabrating PLC 34, 25th Charter Day!
4th- Grand Finalè- Wine and Cheese LAT hosted by our FCs Sangeetha and Savitha. Had a meting too.


Discover the magic through service,
LMF.Cr.Jyoti Bhojasiya
Secy PLC 34
Area 7 project convenor.

November 30, 2014: A date to remember!!!!

What a day!! What an event!!! What learning!!! And what fellowship!! We had it all during this event. When we started we never thought it would turn out so well…… but it did:)

The presence of NP Cr. Soumya and NP Tr. Deepak made our energies soar high. Everything was looking so grand…. The arrangements were flawless and the support we got from the city of joy was overwhelming!!! We were all so very happy that all the hard work paid off.

There was a contentment that We could give an event to people which they will remember for days to come!! The event created very good publicity for LC India and RTI.

Launch of Usha Uthup as brand Ambassador was a feather in the cap!!

NP Cr. Soumya pinned CP Cr. Sweta, FRC Cr. Nikita and Secy Cr. Kavita with her Presidents star pin too!!! Couldn’t have asked for more:)

Lets Rock the World Together!!

Cr. Kavita Agarwal
Secretary, CCLC 27

Fellowship Convenor, Area 4

November 30, 2014:

The day will also be remembered for addition in the galaxy of stars in the crown of RTI & LC India. The queen of Pop & Jazz Ms Usha Uthup, was launched as the brand ambassador in front of more than 6000 people. Ms. Uthup is a bundle of energy and spread smiles amongst all present. She happily posed for pictures with all and also obliged with support in Projects- Go Green!

Lets Rock the World Together!!

Cr. Kavita Agarwal
Secretary, CCLC 27

Fellowship Convenor, Area 4